Finding the Right Hydraulic Motor

When searching for motors from different hydraulic motor suppliers, it’s important to keep operating features and specifications in mind. 


The most important thing to consider from hydraulic motor suppliers is the type of motor. An axial piston motor just like the name describes and uses an axially mounted piston in order to create mechanical energy. Other types of hydraulic motors include internal gear, radial piston, vane, and external gear. Each one uses different functions in order to create energy. Also, check out Driveshaft shop

Operating Specifications

The different specifications you should consider will depend on your project. The operating torque depends on the working fluid delivered to the motor. Operating pressure, operating speed, temperature, fluid flow, power, motor weight and fluid viscosity should also be considered.

How motors are rated?

Hydraulic motors are rated by their displacement. Displacement is the volume of fluid it takes to rotate the motor shaft once. You will find the rate in cubic inches per revolution. Motors can also be rated by torque. This is the amount of twisting force the motor delivers. The starting torque is the torque the motor generates in order to turn the load when starting from a complete stop. This is the lowest torque rating of the motor. Stall torque is the maximum torque the motor generates before it stops rotating. This can also be called running torque. 

Questions to Ask

There are different questions you want to ask yourself when trying to find the right motor. What is the torque that is needed? What are the performance needs? What are the shaft horsepower and speed? What are the operating flow and pressure? What is the operating temperature? Is there a potential for leakage? How reliable is the motor design? Do you need the motor to be easy to maintain? What is the expected motor life? Is it a closed or open loop? Is there potential for contamination? The right selection starts with knowing the expected performance.

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