PUBG Mobile: Best Weapons in the Game, Feat. AWM Sniper, MK14 SMG and More

PUBG Mobile is not just a game — it is the real rivalry that makes or breaks clans, and unites friends searching for headshots and Chicken Dinners. Given the intensity of the game, we are always on the lookout for the best weapons to pick up in the game, seeing that it always helps to have the mightiest of the guns when you are out among 100 people, all of whom you’ve got to shoot down in the game after parachuting down. Without further ado, here’s looking at four key gun and rifle classes, and the best of what they have to offer, in both open-world scenarios and as slightly rarer items to be picked up from crates. Also, if you’re looking for some PUBG Squad name ideas then make sure you check this out.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are always the key in PUBG Mobile, and even if the sharpest of the assault rifles do not inflict the highest amount of damages, they are invaluable weapons to carry around, for available ammo is plenty.

AKM: The best, most powerful assault rifle you can pick up from open play, AKM inflicts base damage of 49 upon a hit, while headshot damage is rated at 115.

Groza: Admittedly, Groza is not something that you would find very frequently, but is the better one of the two assault rifles you can find in crates. It inflicts the same damage as the AKM.

Sniper Rifles
No player of shooter games have not been fans of sniper rifles, and given the way maps are laid out, if you can strategise well enough, sniper rifles can take you a long way in the game. It is also amonng the safer options to use, given that you can deem your vantage point to be secure enough, while always keeping an eye out above your shoulder.

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M24: The best sniper rifle that can be picked up from open play is quite powerful, inflicting 88 base damage, and 197 headshot damage.
AWM: Possibly one of the rarest rifles to be picked up in crates, consider yourself to be at a heavy advantage, if you can find an AWM for yourself. Inflicting 120 base damage and a crushing 300 headshot damage, this is one of the deadliest weapons in the game.

Marksman Rifles (DMG)
DMGs, or Marksman rifles, are often deemed to be the most powerful rifles after snipers. Deadly with their base damages, you can use DMGs to wear down any opponent, even those with level three armours.

MK14: A bit of a legend in the game, MK14 is deadly for its accuracy and damage scale, and is the most powerful non-sniper weapon in the game. The rated stats are 61 base damage and 143 headshot damage.
SLR: The open-world DMG is not exactly as powerful as the MK14, but it is hardly any less. With an SLR, you can inflict 58 base damage and 136 headshot damage, thereby ranking it only a notch below the MK14.

Small/Light Machine Guns (SMG/LMG)
The machine guns have always been FPS and RPG favourites, and are hence always a threat to have around. In PUBG, the machine guns are available in two classes — SMG and LMG, and are among the more accurate weapons to use in the game.

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DP28: The most powerful SMG in PUBG Mobile is also deemed as one of the deadliest for its accuracy, sharpness and speed. It can inflict 51 base hit damage, and 117 headshot damage. It is available in the open world.
M249: The most powerful in-crate SMG is also a pretty nifty one, and is nearly comparable to the DP28. It inflicts 45 base damage, and 103 headshot.

Special Mentions
Our honourable mentions in the list include the Crossbow, and the iconic Pan. The Crossbow is actually one of the deadliest weapons you can pick up in the game, and is second only to the most powerful weapon in the game, the AWM sniper. It can inflict a staggering 105 base damage, and 241 headshot damage.

The Pan, meanwhile, is a melee sharpshooter. One hit can take out 80 base damage, while a headshot can inflict 120 damage.


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