Why did New World the Popularity Drop Sharply after it was Released in One month?

Amazon’s MMORPG New World has been very popular since its release. It once won the Steam Weekly Sales Chart two consecutive times, and the number of online users reached an astonishing 913,000 on September 30. However, according to statistics from the SteamDB website, since the peak on September 30, the number of online games has continued to decline. Last weekend, the peak number of online users had shrunk by 44% compared with the peak number of online users at the end of last month. Moreover, the number of online users in the first few weeks has been on a downward trend, and the number of people is expected to continue to decline in the following time.

Although the popularity has dropped a lot on its own, the ranking of New World on the 24-hour list is still very high, second only to CS: GO and Dota2. Here BuyNewWorldCoins Gave some reason why New World was released after a month, and the popularity dropped sharply.

Long queue time

However, due to server configuration issues and the game’s long queue time, the game has received many negative reviews after its release. The current Steam favourable rate is more than 75% Praise.

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Recent outrageous bugs that allow players to inject HTML code into the game’s chat bar directly

Some players have discovered loopholes in the chat room of Amazon’s game New World. Many players have begun to send picture links in the chat room to kick other players out of the game. In this regard, Amazon officially stated that it had added a repair program, and the system vulnerability has been repaired. At the same time, Amazon also noted that the GeForce RTX graphics card was misreported in response to some players. The official did not find any abnormal behaviour of the game, which would not affect the regular play of the players.

Robots collect 24 hours a day

Robots can sleep endlessly and collect 24 hours a day, which seriously affects the game experience of ordinary players. So everyone now sees the robots (BOT) and will try to lock them up. At present, the most popular method is to use tents. Players who accidentally hang up during levelling in the game will either respawn in nearby strongholds or resurrect in their tents. The tents are physically bulky. Place it to lock the non-manually controlled role.

In addition, the current collection of plug-ins are not very advanced. They only follow a fixed route for collection work. Players only need to block the robot on the path and place the tent, and then the robot can only step in place, which is equivalent to being shut down. Of course, you can also attract monsters to kill these plug-in characters.

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Players’ rare New World Coins can be grabbed 24 hours a day, which is equivalent to worsening the game experience of ordinary people! The exciting thing is: in the face of this problem, and the development team said that the current situation is still within an acceptable range! The doctor believes: As long as the current economic system does not collapse, the game officials are not in a hurry to make changes. Because of the shortage of New World Coins, many plug-in teams have focused on this fat piece, but the game is paid to download, and plug-in characters also need to spend money to buy the game. For developers, there is no difference between plug-ins and live people. From this perspective, New World is very different from those free MMORPGs.

New World Economic System Deflation

Players who often play online games have become accustomed to the inflation of the in-game economic system. Have you seen deflationary online games? Amazon’s recent release of the new match New World encountered deflation problems and even made players begin to barter. In response to this phenomenon, the New World developers also specifically responded.

Inflation is widespread in online games because the game operation team will over-issue the currency in circulation from time to time, causing the game currency to exceed the total amount required for the game. However, New World encountered a rare deflationary crisis, commodity prices plummeted, currency prices skyrocketed, and the game mechanism alone could not alleviate this situation.

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Faced with such a problem, many players have given feedback to the Amazon official on the forum, and many players have even given suggestions for modification. In this regard, the official specifically listed specific data and replied: The game is currently economically acceptable and does not need to be changed.

In the article, Amazon officially gave a detailed data icon for analysis, indicating that the New World Coin in the hands of players in the game is still in a positive growth state, although the overall trend is declining. If this trend continues, the game economy will enter negative growth, and we will take action at this time. However, it is still within the acceptance level and does not need to be changed.

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