Oppo shows off dual-curved ‘Waterfall Screen’ technology

Oppo has a new kind of bezel-less curved display innovation up its sleeves, and its called the “Waterfall Screen”. The Chinese manufacturer today released first look images of a prototype smartphone carrying this new display technology. Oppo on Twitter, and its VP, Shen Yiren Brian on Weibo posted these images. The Oppo Twitter post noted, “Taking borderless smartphone innovation to new heights, we’re thrilled to give you a first look at ‘Waterfall Screen’ technology. What do you think the screen-to-body ratio is on this prototype?”

Its not the first time Oppo has released a phone with curved screen. Earlier, we have seen similar implementation in the Oppo Find X, but looking at the protoype photos, it appears Oppo has gone a step further with the curved edges. The screen is said to have curved edges at 88 degrees, which means more screen-to-body ratio. Recently, we heard similar rumors about the Vivo NEX 3. It was reported that Vivo is looking to offer 90 degree curved sides and over 100 percent screen-to-body ratio.

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Samsung initially pioneered such curved displays, starting with Galaxy Edge. The South Korean company has been long offering dual-curved display in its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. We recently saw, OnePlus opting for similar dual-curved AMOLED display panel on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Most common issues in these kind of displays have been the accidental touch, and looking at Oppo’s Waterfall Screen, we fear more such problems. Having said that, it is unknown if the extra screen area will be touch-sensitive or not. But for now, it does look cool.

Interestingly, the teased prototype doesn’t have a front camera. What it could mean is that Oppo might go for under-screen camera technology, which it has already showcased last month. The company hasn’t shared any other detail about the phone, but we are hoping to hear more details about this at IFA 2019 in September.

Source: BGR.in

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