Technology develops and changes almost quicker than you can think. We receive updates on our devices constantly. And technology helps us improve our productivity and increase collaboration with tools that keep changing and evolving. However, it’s tough to keep up with the changing landscape in your own industry not to mention engineering and science. Yet, as business grows, IT requirements grow and change with it creating the need to hire a managed service provider to help shoulder the responsibility, reduce costs, increase competitiveness and efficiency, and provide scalability. A high-quality and reliable managed services provider offers benefits to businesses of all sizes. And here are four of the key areas you can benefit from when outsourcing your IT through managed services.


1. Can I Lower Costs?

Lowering your cost of managing your IT needs is a significant reason to partner with a managed service provider (MSP). You can reduce operational costs, lower IT operating expense, and conserve capital budget.

Most MSPs operate on a subscription-based model in which clients pay an annual or quarterly fee for service, giving clients the ability to budget more easily. Clients set up a service-level agreement (SLA) with the MSP that’s customized for their specific needs to help them manage hardware and software, increase productivity, and reduce the total cost of application ownership. In this manner, clients pay for exactly the services they need without paying for extraneous services.

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2. Can You Help Me Focus on My Core Business?

As a small business grows, the scope of the IT department expands, often beyond the roles which employees are comfortable with. And IT responsibilities can cut into the time staff needs to spend on the core business. Frustration with this situation can cause conflicts that affect morale while taking time away from production. Without proper IT support and maintenance, IT equipment and programs breakdown causing downtime. This also drags staff away from the core business.

Putting the management of the IT department in the hands of a dedicated team that will focus completely on the IT issues is a relief to staff and management. It improves work efficiency and lowers conflict and stress. By outsourcing your IT to an MSP, you can focus on your core business, generating revenues and production. Your managed service provider will handle all the everyday tasks as well as technical troubleshooting and security.

3. How Can I Improve Vendor Management?

An MSP can interface with vendors on your behalf, working out issues that crop up and resolving them quickly. The MSP will service as the contact for third parties, escalate any necessary issues with vendors and tracking the entire process though to resolution.

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Vendor coordination can be complicated, and juggling the responsibilities may be difficult unless you have plenty of experience working with them. Lack of vendor knowledge can be overwhelming and can also lead to higher costs. Outsourcing vendor management to an MSP removes the inconvenience of working with them, and instead replaces it with a single, trusted vendor partner who coordinates and streamlines operations.

4. Can You Offer Scalability?

The ability to scale resources up or down on demand is important in business, especially at the rate technology keeps changing. Scalability is vital to supporting growing business development. As your company expands, unexpected hurdles often appear including changes in technology requirements. An MSP will offer support and other services as needed during growth spurts for any emerging IT issues.

Scalable solutions can accommodate rapid growth, your firm will stay productive, eliminate downtime and improve IT system efficiency. An MSP can help during a growth period by addressing any technical issues and respond quickly when needed, now and in the future. A high-quality MSP will explore your options proactively and help you identify updates and new equipment needed to support your business goals.


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