SEO Hosting vs Premium Hosting

SEO Hosting

Search Engine Optimization friendly websites have a tendency to appear more frequently on search engine results. This is due to the set of links which makes it more obvious for the search engines. SEO friendly web hosting doesn’t trick search engines. It basically covers the point which a search engine results searches in a website.

It tries to make a website more SEO friendly. It also looks for keywords in a website which will make it easier for the search engine to find. This is important because there are hundreds of sites with similar names, hence it is important to make the site SEO friendly in order to make it appear in the top results.

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Advantages of SEO Hosting

  • Here one of the biggest advantages of SEO hosting is that you don’t need to pay for advertisements.
  • Here your site is listed in the top results without paying for advertisements or pay per click.
  • This helps you save money and effort.
  • With your site now displayed in the top results, your traffic inflow increases.
  • This creates a good scene for your site as it becomes more popular.
  • This in turn helps your business attract new customers.
  • Here you can track the traffic to make your site more user friendly and region appropriate.
  • One more benefit of getting your site in the top results is that users will easily get attracted to your site due to the trust people have on Google. Hence if Google gives your site the top positions, people will not hesitate to open your site.
  • Here your investment brings back great returns. According to statistics, from all the clicks your website receives, at least 4% turn into sales. This is quite significant for a new business where customer base must be developed.
  • This performance is quite better than the one we would receive on paying for ads.
  • Many of your competitors will be following this method to get more traffic and develop a customer base. This means you too should use that approach and try to make a better website with more traffic flow.
  • This takes your business to another level. With more traffic your customer base increases and you position yourself in the market.
  • On Internet there are over 250 million websites. It is necessary to make your site stand out. This bring more customers and gives your business more recognition.
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Premium Hosting

Advantages of Premium Hosting

  • According to reports, everyday over 30,000 websites are hacked every day. This creates a concern for securing more tight measures for websites.
  • In premium hosting, websites are provided with top level security which secures your data as well as user data.
  • A premium hosting has a stronger firewall which is very hard to breach. This gives you the peace of mind of storing confidential data.
  • With premium hosting, you get better performance.
  • The hardware used by premium hosting is stronger and faster. This increases the speed and decreases loading time.
  • It also makes connections more stable and reliable.
  • Here the things to notice is that, even if you have a strong internet connection, a slow server will result in slow speeds.
  • The speeds you provide is an integral part of attracting customers and users. The speed determines the loyalty of users.
  • With the premium hosting, you get one step backup and restore. In an unfortunate event, you may lose all your data and info. To save yourself from such situations, you must keep a backup and with premium hosting it becomes very easy.
  • With one step restore all your data is restored to the last backup point which helps save a lot of time and effort.


Image result for rackspace hosting

  • Rackspace provides you with a fantastic experience with hosting. They provide 24/7 support for all your queries and issues. This is helpful for people from non-technical background.
  • Here with the plan you choose, you eliminate the stress of security and any issues. All your data is stored safely, and no compromise is maid based on security.
  • Many people find ads irritating and useless. Well, here there are no ads present to disturb your workflow and this creates a helpful environment to work in.
  • You are given custom mailboxes in which you can handle the official mails and other documents. This helps clear out confusion in mails and makes your working efficient.
  • Here the mailboxes an store messages and mails worth 100 GB. This means that you won’t have to worry about storage running out and you can store as many messages as you like.
  • For any business purposes, you can make skype calls to anyone you want. This helps expand your business without travelling long distances and spending too much time in travelling. This helps your business flourish.
  • Here you get premium quality of anti—virus and anti-spam software which will scan all your data for any virus and hence will keep your website safe and reliable.
  • With ActiveSync Compatibility, you can access all work related data and mails through your mobile or iPad. This makes your work easy and you always don’t have to be near a computer to get your work done. This increases efficiency and productivity.
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  • SiteGround gives you the capacity to handle thousands of visitors every month. With its basic plan you can get 10,000 visitors while with its high-end plan you can handle up to 100,000 visitors every month.
  • Here you can get up to 30 GB of web space to store your data or user data collected from the website.
  • Here with the basic plan you can host a single site while with a premium plan you can host unlimited sites. This helps in expanding your business and attract traffic.
  • There is no limit on your data transfer frequency. This means you won’t have any issues transferring data to and from your site and also this helps in keeping the site updated.
  • Here you get the popular option of drag and drop. This helps you design the website with content from other places. This not only saves time but also effort.
  • You also get a free email account. You can use this email account to handle official mails and other documents.
  • Your data is stored on Solid State Drives, which means the data retrieval speeds will be very quick and efficient.
  • Here you get 24/7 customer support which helps in clearing out any issue related to the site or server. The service is very quick and always sorts out your issues.
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Image result for bluehost

  • Here you get unlimited disk storage. This means you can store as much data as you want on the server. This helps reduce hardware cost and helps by keeping a backup on the online server.
  • You get the option to host as many domains as you want. This helps in managing multiple businesses and helps to keep specialized content on each site.
  • Here you can use the free drag and drop site builder to take content from other websites and easily and quickly build your site.
  • For a whole year you get your very own free domain name. You have the freedom here to choose the name that you fancy.
  • Here you can add on more domains if you like. This helps in managing data and also keep a track of them.
  • Here you get a cPanel account which you can resell and this helps generate quite a good income.
  • Also you can run your own business from here which may help may other people. Here security is given the higher most priority. All your data is safely stored.
  • Here you won’t have the hassle of ads which is important for undisturbed working


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