Meet Trezi: A VR based software by SmartVizX for building industry

Trezi By SmartVizX

VR possibilities are currently being explored more and It not only stops at gaming but is being used in Education, Medical fields for training, Military and Many more places. You can actually explore the environment around you in a 360 degree way in a VR device.
It is basically a simulated environment of a Computer game or an Operation theatre or a 3D Design of the next house you might be planning to purchase.

Trezi is a fully immersive Virtual Reality product that dramatically improves design collaboration for architects, designers and building product manufacturers.

The Product is an innovation in its own way where the Architects, Building companies, Tenants and owners can actually get inside the design prepared by Architects (in Autodesk Revit, Trimble SketchUp or any other designing software which supports or exports the Projets) and experience it themselves in a Virtual reality world through Trezi by SmartVizX. It is India’s first fully-immersive VR product. The Minds behind this project are Tithi Gautam (Founder & MD) and Gautam Tewari (Co- Founder & CEO)

Trezi Editing
Trezi makes editing and reviewing designs easy

The VR experience of the actual designs prepared will help the Builders and firms a lot and make it easier for them to decide the look and feel without any need of going through the hectic task of changing things from the base. The Raw materials used and anything can be replaced or changed with a click of the Mouse which also reduces the time efforts.

Features of Trezi

  • One Click VR video Walkthrough of 3D Design Models
  • Review and edit design on an instant.
  • Take screenshots and design VR based projects at ease
  • Browse from a variety of designs from the Trezi’s Library
  • Access Pre-built VR-ready catalogs to bring them into the VR experience seamlessly

Some Advantages of Trezi

  • Better ways to communicate the design to the firms and clients
  • Better and faster decision making and changes
  • Better Collaboration
  • Easier search, replacement and duplication of any sort of product within the design
Trezi 3D design
An example of a 3D render in Trezi

This would improve the experience and communication between the Architect firms and the clients as the Architects/Building comapanies would be able to explain the clients in detail how their next project would actually look like and it would lead to a better client satisfaction for the firms as well as it would boost their reputation in the market. Also, You can roam around the design freely, Look under the chairs with the help of a Virtual reality device.

The Program is available to try on their Trezi’s Website for a 14-day period so that you can try it out and see if it is actually worth spending on it or not. The company is also running an introductory offer of 20% off for sometime and you might save some bucks if you’d be purchasing it now. The license has to be renewed annually to keep receiving updates on a regular basis.

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Talking of the updates, The product will be ongoing a constant phase of improvements and the developers would be pushing out Minor and major upgrades every 4-6 weeks.

Also, The company has ensured that the software can’t be pirated or used illegally. To use the Software, a Person should have an account on their website and should have paid for the license of the software, Failing which you won’t be able to use the software. If a person tries using the software illegally or through other means, you might get a warning from their compliance partners.



The product has a special USP i.e helping its clients experience the designs made on Revit or SketchUp in a 3D form in a VR headset. It would help in redefining the image of Real estate and Architecture designing.

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