How to Find the Perfect Esports Betting Site

Esports betting is a huge industry and players are looking for the best site. With hundreds of esports betting sites worldwide and other betting sites offering esports.

Esports betting sites

It is estimated that sports wagering will hit $23.5b by the end of 2020. The chance to wager on esports has never been so big but where can hopeful wagerers start with so many options and so many possible falls to avoid?

With even ASUS entering the market with sponsoring a new esports team, the industry needs to be talked about.

This Unikrn review shows how specific sites are constantly adapting to the esports industry with cryptocurrencies and more.

What are we talking about:

  • Esports markets
  • Skin Betting and Skin Betting Sites
  • Tournament betting
  • Esports bonuses


Not all sites offer the same markets for betting. In fact, a betting market is the outcome you bet on. Do you bet on “play winner” or “tournament winner” or “tournament end user?” The markets on betting range from the basic match winner bets to more complicated ones that can be built around any player’s share. These are some of the most fascinating betting markets that a player can hope to find in some of the top level games while betting. Usually you are more likely than hybrid bookmakers to find niche markets on the first-ever wetting sites.

Skin Betting

Within the esports market, skin betting is a huge part of the industry. Many government bodies like the UK Gambling commission have discouraged the use of skin betting and we even discourage the use of skin betting due to their unregulated sites. Their sites can be unregulated and can be risky sometimes.

So we recommend against using this website. Instead use a regulated esports betting site.

Skin Betting Sites

As we said, skin betting is something that should be avoided, but there are many skin betting sites around, one of the most popular ‘CSGOLounge’ which has come through some serious scandals throughout their days.

Esports Tournament Betting

Esports tournaments are a ten million dollar aspect of esports markets, esports tournaments like Worlds (League of Legends) and The Overwatch League.

Esports competitions have gone from modest beginnings to international fame in recent years. Although a mere 700 sporting tournaments were held in 2010, thousands of sporting tournaments happen every year today. This quickly rising number of events led to a rising continuum with a global audience of about 400 million in 2018.

The games can also be broadcast in online through and YouTube Gaming, with fans able to purchase tickets to see up to 10,000 people in the stadium, such as the KeeyArena, in Seattle. The rising popularity of sports competitions means that sport enthusiasts will engage in a variety of betting opportunities.

Esports Bonuses

It is not shocking that the scheme of fortune is moved to sportsbook incentive schemes for so many sports stars who stick to loot boxes and crate openings. Players who want to play at the first sports site will consider dramatically distinct incentives which have never been taken into account on conventional sportsbooks. Betting sites such as Rivalry provide a unique VIP programme with XP earned through missions release and completion. You have to choose a trusted sports betting site like ufabet1688 to have safe betting. The new BetOnBit has also followed a radically new approach by adding a character screen that allows players to collect items in an inventory and stash and upgrade status points by selecting each bet.

The bonus given on a certain sports betting website is one of the main draws for new players. Although almost every sportsbook offers a welcome bonus to new players, not all rewards are equal and the conditions can be concealed. Consider reading the terms first, especially in the light of the main clauses before making a first deposit with a given sportsbook based on a lucrative offer.


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