Top 3 multiplayer games to play on Android

Top 5 multiplayer games to play on AndroidHello folks. Hope you’re doing well in this lockdown period. Staying at home is a real pain but android games have become a true savior in this situation. Today we are going to list out top online multiplayer games (among which 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip stands on 2nd position), that are helping people around the globe to spend their time well!

Top 5 Multiplayer Games to play on Android

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

First on our list is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG. Initially this game was released on PC platform via Steam back in 2016. The game was a total hit. Various YouTubers started streaming this game on Youtube as well as on Twitch (Streamer’s platform).

With the increasing popularity, developers proceeded on to introducing this game to Android users. Since the Android gamer’s community is way much big than any other platform’s users, the game was hit here too!
Let me give you a brief information of what this game is all about! 

100 real time players in a plane, lands on a big area, you can call it a city, or maybe world as well. There are houses, apartments and various other buildings where you have to find weapons and other survival material, and fight the other players. Gradually the play area shrinks after every few minutes. All players need to stay inside that area (circle) and fight each other to survive. Last man standing is given a prize, named Chicken Dinner!

You can download the game here:

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8 Ball Pool

We hope you have heard the terms billiards, snooker, 8 ball pool. Well Miniclip brought these terms to virtual platform. 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is a very popular game and has won Editor’s Choice Award on Google Playstore. There are over a million players playing this game constantly all over the world.

Let me give you a brief information of what this game is all about! 

This game offers one on one matches with real time opponents. To enter a match you need coins, and cash to get good cues to play. You can buy 8 ball pool coins from in-game store, which according to us is very costly. Instead you can buy cheap 8 ball pool coins, from a third party seller at

The seller here, is an experienced 8 ball pool player and 8 ball pool coins seller in India since 2014. He will personally play and increase coins in your account so that you can see an increase in overall stats and weekly winnings as well! Since this guy plays fairly, there is no chance of getting a ban. Every service provided at is totally legit!

You can even purchase 8 ball pool coins and cash directly from in-game store, but this guy at Poolcoinshop can provide 100 Million coins for just 20 bucks. Whereas the same amount would cost you over a 1000 bucks in-game.

You can download the game here

8 Ball Pool
Price: Free+

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Ludo King

Ludo is an old traditional game played in India, and the similar has been depicted in various Ancient books, including Mahabharata. You must be aware this game is on android as well. You can easily download it and play with your friends and relatives. It allows players to create a lobby and select various rules to start the game. One match usually takes half an hour to complete. Even 4 players can play this game in real time. You need coins to start a match. The fees isn’t high, but still it matters a lot if you wanna play a match! Without coins in Ludo King, you can’t place bet and start a game! 

You can download the game here

Ludo King™
Price: Free+


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