Benefits of Letting Your Employees Work Remotely

Benefits of Letting Your Employees Work Remotely

Many employers are now hiring remote workers and using it to the advantage of their business. Working from home, as people know it, has been happening long before the COVID-19 hit the world, locking everyone in their homes.

Moreover, some companies are allowing their employees to work remotely, even before the quarantine was mandated across the globe. Managing remote workers has been made possible by digital business solutions providers like Cloud Collective.

Many business owners and managers are still thinking that letting their employees work remotely is a mistake. However, studies show that remote working offers more benefits than drawbacks.

Letting your employees work remotely means you need to trust them. By using digital business solutions from Cloud Collective, you are capable of managing your employees wherever they are working. Below are some of the benefits of allowing your employees to work remotely.

Your employees will be more productive

It sounds funny, but remote workers are found to be more productive compared to those who are working in an office. According to a survey, 53 per cent of the employees who are working at home say that they can work overtime. On the other hand, only 28 per cent of office workers say that they will do the same.

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Work from home employees has a lesser chance of getting distracted by the things that generally occur in the office. Instead of chatting with their colleagues or attending emergency meetings, they can focus and work without interruptions.

Your business will save a lot of money

Office workers consume water and energy, as well as office supplies such as papers, pens, and clips. Moreover, many office employees love to stay in the pantry enjoying all the free stuff their office is offering.

Additionally, allowing your employees to work remotely will lessen the number of call-ins. A study shows that unscheduled absences may cost a company around $1,800 annually per employee.

Your employees don’t need to commute

One of the things that put heavy stress on many employees is a long commute. Most of the time, commuting makes their lives miserable. Research shows that employees who are travelling to work for more than 45 minutes have 40 per cent more chances of divorcing their partners.

Moreover, commuting has been linked to increased stress, weight gain, loneliness, and neck pains. Remember that happier employees are productive employees, and this is a good reason why letting your employees work from home can benefit your business.

Your employees will save money too

The business is not alone when it comes to saving money, employees too! The price of gas is rising as well as the cost of public transportation. Employees are becoming depressed not only by the daily travel itself; it is hurting their budgets. An average remote worker saves around $4,600 a year by working from home. It is equivalent to two months of the mortgage payment.

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It lessens the employee turnover

It is estimated that replacing an employee who earns $50,000 a year will cost your company 20 per cent of that employee’s salary. Moreover, jobs that need higher levels of training and knowledge will have a higher cost of turnover. More companies are using work from home as a perk to keep their top employees. Keep in mind that most employees will look for a new job for the ease of travelling to work.

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