Top 5 Apps to Hack WhatsApp in 2020

WhatsApp is the treasure-trove that contains a lot of personal info about the user. If, by any chance, you can hack someone’s WhatsApp then you will be able to find a hell lot of stuff about that person.

Information like who all are in the contact list, what personal text has been shared, and who is in the blocked list would be your fingertips. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it is and is 100% possible as well.

We are going to talk about such top five WhatsApp hack apps that you can use in 2020.


The leader of the pack is Spyic. This WhatsApp spy app is built with amazing futuristic technology that is not going to fade its charm till the decade ends. We are saying this with full confidence because we have found out some interesting facts about it.

Spyic is selling like a hot cake. Spyic’s inventive WhatsApp spy technology has already won millions of hearts in 190 countries. Even the world media couldn’t resist praising it with pride.


While some of the old-fashioned WhatsApp spying methods create troubles more than help, Spyic eliminates all the risks effortlessly and offers you the safest WhatsApp tracking facility.

Before Spyic, using the phone number to hack someone’s WhatsApp seems to be an impossible task. But, this solution has shown to the world that nothing is impossible if you have the right tool by your side.

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Leading the future with good cause

WhatsApp has a great user-base. People of all ages use this social media app to share files/documents/video/chat with others.

That being said, the hidden risks of using WhatsApp can’t be ignored. This is that elephant in the room that no one is ready to talk about. Users, especially youngsters, can fall in the nippers of bullying, identify theft, or misuse WhatsApp knowingly and unknowingly.

That’s why the time to time vigilance on your loved ones’ WhatsApp is imperative.

Though it was highly tedious and risky (if you use jailbreak/rooting), Spyic has made things easier than ever. It has offered the world one of the easiest and safest ways to trace the activities happening on the targeted WhatsApp account without even knowing anyone about it.

Spyic solution so accurate and real-time that you feel as if you are operating the targeted WhatsApp.

Spyic stands peerless at various fronts

Spyic is a one-of-its-kind WhatsApp spy app & certain factors compelled us to say so.

For instance, let’s consider its iOS and Android solutions. Spyic of iOS comes with a 100% web-based interface. That means, no time-consuming downloads and tedious installations would be in your way.

Then comes Spyic for Android which is nothing but a paradigm of technological advancement. This is a precisely developed spy app that:

  • Comes with a stealth mode. Activation of this mode makes the app’s icon go away from the list.
  • Has a very compact size, less than 3MB. That explains why the installation of this app would be a two minute’s job.
  • Works without sending notifications on the targeted device. All the data and updates will be posted directly on the dashboard of Spyic which you can access using any device/browser.
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All these things indicate that Spyic is going to be in headlines and most preferred option for

WhatsApp spying in 2020 and many more years that follows after.


Moving forward, Spyier is our second choice for this job. What makes us place it in second place is its ability to track every sort of WhatsApp without leaving a trace behind.

It operates so perfectly and discreetly that no one, including the target, will be able to catch you red-handed.

WhatsApp spying is your thing now

If you were feeling helpless in WhatsApp spying because it used to out forward very high-end technical skills then this is not going to bother you anymore. Spyier has come-up with a user-friendly way to track someone’s WhatsApp without touching it.

If you want to hack a WhatsApp operating on iOS then only iCloud credentials are required to get started. For the Android platform, the app comes with stealth mode, easy interface, and no hours-long installation and downloading.

Minspy is out of those futuristic products that are going to lead the way with its inventive technology. Without asking you for jailbreak/rooting, Minspy has shown to the world that tough tasks don’t have to be accomplished via tough ways.

A pocket-friendly WhatsApp spying option

It’s quite natural that people think a futuristic technology like Minspy is going to dig a hole in your pocket. But, the reality is exactly the opposite of this. It’s one of the most cost-effective options that you can ever have by your side. You can spy on one’s WhatsApp for one month at a mere cost of $10 using Minspy.

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Spyine is changing the dynamics of WhatsApp spying in every possible manner. Whether we talk about its jailbreak/rooting free operations or its data viability, Spyine has touched new highs at every front.

WhatsApp spying like never before

The only thing that will make you believe in any WhatsApp is the data reliability. If it’s accurate and to-the-point then you will consider using it over and over.

Spyine hasn’t disappointed millions at this front as it renders data with full accuracy and diligence. Every entry has a timestamp attached to it.


Gone those days when people used to shun the idea of WhatsApp spying as it used to be tedious, risky, and comes with a hefty price tag. But, by using futuristic technology, Cocospy has eliminated all these flaws once and for all.

Cocospy makes WhatsApp entirely safe and discrete

Cocospy has blended human innovation with technology in such an accurate manner that WhatsApp spying is risk-free (no jailbreak/rooting), free from any fears (no data saving on the server), and easy (web-based dashboard access).

It works in such a clandestine manner that no one will be able to ever catch you red-handed and you can enjoy tension-free WhatsApp spying on iOS and Android devices.

The Final Word

With WhatsApp spying apps like Spyic, Spyier, Minspy, Spyine, and Cocospy, one can easily enjoy risk-free and secure WhatsApp spying. These apps are built with highly futuristic technology that is not going to see the dusk any time soon.


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