Premium Promotional Gifts for Employees

Premium promotional gifts for employees are some of the most important gifts to give to keep your staff motivated and maintain a good working relationship.

Other than giving swag gifts, it is important to choose products that they will like for sure and that can represent your company. Discover the best promotional gifts for employees that will enhance your company swag and your employee working experience.

Sol Republic Shadow Wireless Earphones – $69.99

These wireless earphones from Sol Republic are a great premium promotional item for employees that you should consider. In fact, it has become more and more normal nowadays to wear earphones with no cables, and that’s only one of the reasons why we recommend them.

They have not only a beautiful and elegant design, but they provide an immersive and high-quality sound to the user and that is precisely what your staff is going to like.

Lastly, it has a multi-device connectivity features which will allow your employees or colleagues to switch between 2 devices at any time.

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United by Blue 55L Carry-On Duffle – $128.00

This duffle bag with dual carry handles and plenty of pockets will become your employee’s new best friend in no time. It is great to carry things when going to the gym, the office, or to travel on a business trip.

Other than that, it is recycled polyester and water-resistant, which can only be a fantastic addition to this duffle bag.

Last but definitely not least, it has a lifetime guarantee which will definitely help in case of any problem with the bag.

Powerstick PowerWifi+ – $81.00

The PowerWifi+ is another tech device that you should be giving to your staff. It is essentially a portable charger with a Wifi signal extender which is a fantastic feature.

First of all, it will, of course, charge your phone multiple times in case your battery is running low. Other than that, its WiFi extender will extend your network signal for up to 30 feet. That is great for private garden parties, team outings, but also at the office if a meeting room is not properly covered by the Wifi signal.

We couldn’t recommend this product enough and it is certainly one of the best promotional items for employees.

Faribault Frontier Wool Throw – $200.00

When talking about premium promotional gifts, it is important to look at premium products that will give the wow factor to your employees but that will also be useful in both private and professional life.

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This throw blanket is one of the promotional items for employees that you should think about when in need of corporate gifts for clients. It is beautiful, unique, and made of 80% wool. While it is the biggest blanket on the market, it is big enough to keep warm in wintertime or simple when the air conditioning at the office gets very cold.

Last but not least, it is made in the USA and it’s, of course, important to support our local businesses.

Espro Coffee French Press P7 – $129.95

When thinking about going to the office in the morning, the thought of having a nice and warm coffee always makes things easier and more pleasant. This is where Espro exceeds everyone’s expectations and will definitely please your employees.

Its double-walled stainless steel keeps coffee and tea hotter for longer, and that’s another reason why we think it’s so great.

Other than making a delicious coffee or tea in just a few minutes which is very nice if your staff has a busy day ahead. Of course, it is one of the high-end promotional gifts that they’ll be able to use at the office or simply at home when waking up.

Incase EO Travel Backpack – $179.95

This travel backpack from Incase was originally created to travel around the city or when going for a weekend holiday being able to take a laptop in it. However, there is much more to it and we can only accept the fact that it’s great for employees.

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It has an elegant touch that can match with many types of outfit, it is big enough to carry a laptop, a tablet, a notebook and more, and it is weather resistant. Whether your employees stay in the city or go abroad for business trips, this will be one of the most practical high-end promotional gifts.

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