7 Extremely Helpful Apps for Parents at Home With Their Kids

Our routines have drastically changed since we all got stuck in our respective house, and the work from home began. Before the parents would go to the parent-teacher meeting to find out if they are doing good at school or not, but these days, as the schools are closed, the parents have to take the responsibility of teaching their kids on themselves. The best scholarship essay writing service prepared seven applications that would make the life of a parent easier during these hard times


The kids’ version of Zoom is Caribu. It gives the kids a chance to see their friends, take part in virtual playdates with their friends or family members, no matter how far they live. Looking at the importance of this application, AT&T has partnered with Caribu and made its access free for 60 days. This means that the parents, their kids, and other family members can use this application as much as they like.


This application was specifically designed for elementary, middle, and high school students. This application can assist the students in working on their grammar. Grammar can be a tough subject to understand due to its many rules and regulation, but this application has made the understanding of grammar easier than before. Quill provides students with online exercises. It would give them custom feedback. It would then devise an eight-week long custom plan that would help the students overcome their weaknesses. All these features are available for free for the rest of the school year.

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Some kids are book worms and love to read. Epic is an application that would make it easier for those students to get their hands on hundreds of books without stepping into a bookstore. It is easy to navigate the application, specifically designed this way, so that the young kids can use it without facing any major problem. This application also provides a feature where it can read a book out aloud if the kids are too lazy to read them. Due to the school closure, Epic is providing its customer with a free 30-day trial.

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is an extremely educational application. This application targets the kids who are at an early stage in their education. It helps them learn basic English and instructs them to read and write. ABC Mouse improves the kid’s basic problem-solving skills in Maths and even assists them in playing the music. Due to the current situation, ABC Mouse is providing its customer with a free 30-day trial.

Mindful Powers

Time management is something that the kids are taught in the school. Since they are not going to school these days, your kids can use this application to learn the art of time management. Moreover, this application also provides kids with games that would improve their focus and discipline.

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Go Noodle

Physical activity is as important as learning any new skills. This application is a substitute for the P.E. class that the kids love when they are in their school. It is an interactive application, with tons of physical activities that would keep you kid busy while you work.

Prodigy Math

This application is targeted towards the students from first to eighth grade. It is a platform where your kids can learn math by completing challenging and thoughtful courses. The application is available for free, but you can upgrade it to premium if required.

Luckily, we have the facility of the internet and the Wi-Fi. With the help of the internet, we can install various applications that would help the parents keep their kids busy, while they work from home.


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