What is the Future of jQuery in 2020?

jQuery is a very simple and lightweight application software for JavaScript on your websites. With the help of jquery, you can easily do the common tasks that may need to accomplish JavaScript code. Additionally, it also makes simplify the difficult matters of the JavaScript regarding DOM manipulation or AJAX calls.

The characteristics of the jQuery library are given below:

  1. HTML manipulation
  2. DOM manipulation
  3. Manipulation regarding CSS
  4. Event methods of HTML
  5. Various animation and effects
  6. AJAX

More, jQuery has doing plugins for every task out there effectively.

jQuery plugins are very beneficial for the development of best optimizing their websites. Due to its best programming language with a plethora feature, developers easily simplifying the customer’s scripting of HTML. It will provide you a variety of options for your websites such as animation effects, photographs, many sound effects, so many slideshows, pagination, scrolling effects, video galleries, and lots more options for your convenience. As per research, jquery is used using over 60 percent of the 10,000 considered websites.

Here, we would like to share the best jQuery plugins to you that will help you or assist you in optimizing your website’s projects.

Best jQuery Plugins

SSI Model

SSI model is the best example of the jquery plugin and it has various options. This model is very flexible, easy to use in mobile, responsive or reliable, customized, and packed with great features.


SmartMenu is the next best example of the jQuery mega menu plugin. It is very customized and easy to use jQuery plugin. It provides you a variety of options regarding multiple menus with lots of submenus. This plugin gives you multiple designs with different vertical or horizontal layouts along with 7color skins, three ways of the dropdown, twelve columns fluid grid, and a lot of things.

jQuery SVG progress plugin

Next is the jQuery SVG progress plugin, it is a very special jQuery plugin that supports you to show infographics on the web resource easily. Its major characteristics are a giant range of figures to be particular then six. The dimension of every figure depends upon the size of the block that was applied by the jQuery SVG progress plugin, offers top-notch flexibility while using this application to the developer. And the dimension of that figure perfectly adapts when it is loaded on the cell phones.


Tinytime is the next jQuery plugin that allows easy straight forward date and time for matter much less hen 1 kb in size. Tinytime plays a single function of template object and this object includes one single method and renders data that takes a date or time and sends back a string with rendered data.

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x-carousal plays a great role in the advertising of goods and various products. You can easily advertise your products on your e-commerce website with the integration of slider. It is also useful for the photographer and artists. It helps you make comparisons to the things easily with EVNE compare + x-carousel slider.

jQuery map plugins also help to make interactive, interesting, effective, customizable, editable maps of the world for your websites or various projects with a great myriad of useful features or functions. It is really useful for making different types of maps of the world.

jQuery map plugins


Maaplic is the first custom jquery map plugin which allows the simple images to convert into higher quality maps. It also converts vector graphics into responsive and interactive maps and it has multiple landmarks, a variety of designs, multiple floors, great documented, and touch-optimized.


The next is MapSVG. This application easily converts SVG files into interactive and fully customized maps or floorplans files. It has above 100 built-in geo calibrated SVG maps with this SVG maps you can easily make various village plans or maps, many vector photographs, floorplans, and a variety of choropleth maps and it also includes custom event handlers.

Point of interest auto map

Point of interest auto map also includes the google maps and various places APIs for your help regarding easily adding interesting maps to your websites. You just make a list of the categories of interesting maps for your website and rest is done by the point of interest auto map team for your website.

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5 sec google maps standalone

With the help of 5 sec google maps standalone, you can easily make dynamic maps without facing any trouble. This jquery plugin provides multiple maps for every page and it works every website or CMS without any hassle. This jQuery plugin also provides a single image map and it is highly easy to do.


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