5 Cybercrimes That Are Happening In The World

Cybercrimes have increased in the past few years, and they have been climbing up around the world. Every country that has a good number of citizens online has seen a significant increase in cybercrimes. However, people do not know about it, and it is a common problem because internet crimes are the least-covered topics. We have conducted research on different types of crimes that are not reported properly and it is not covered by the mainstream news outlets.

Child Predators Child Predators

If you are a teenage or underage child-parent, then you should be concerned by the predators. Thousands of reports are surfacing across the world, where many adults are taking advantage of social media to corner the kids. The juvenile children are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It is easy to create a fake profile of a young man and trap the young ones to come out of the home and reach without parent consent. You should read a comprehensive guide on How To Keep Your Children Safe Online: The Definitive Guide. Protect your children from all sorts of digital harm and take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Investment Scams

Many brokers are using the loopholes and lack of average customer knowledge to the advantage. Readers may receive a call, email, fax, or some form of alert that will trap you in the business. Remember, you are dealing with a professional fraudster who knows the edges and have documents that will provide legitimacy to the business opportunity. We have to say that it is difficult to confirm the claims and opportunities. However, you have to play smart or stay away from it because it is not a cup of coffee for average citizens for deciphering the entire scam.

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Cheap Goods

Cheap Goods

We have seen many companies offering premium goods at a low price, and you can take Wish.com, for instance. The online shopping store offers many premium products, goods and gadgets at an affordable price. You can buy the iPhone 11 for $500, which is too good to be true because Apple retails the iPhone 11 for $799 at Amazon online store. We have seen advertisements on popular websites like Facebook and do not fall for such deals. Always purchase goods from reputed online stores and avoid scam websites that have too good to be true pricing.



In a recent survey, malware statistics have found that 47 million Windows & macOS machines are infected by some form of virus and malware. The antivirus system cannot detect new types of malware and they enter your computer in different ways to steal personal information. Your banking credentials, social media, credentials, database, media files, and the rest of the information are saved in another country.

We suggest you not to visit random websites and sites that do not have HTTPS protocol. Most of the unsecured websites do not have an SSL Certificate, and we have seen a lot of fishy websites that do not SSL Certificate protection layer. SSL certificate is an ideal choice to know the difference between the legit and the fake website. SSL can be of many types including single domain, multi domain, wildcard SSL certificate, code sign certificate. A business can pick any SSL certificate that its website may fit with.

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Government Surveillance

Government Surveillance

Privacy invasion is illegal and is part of cybercrime, and nobody can deny it. Unfortunately, the American government established the Utah Data Center that stores personal information of the people. It’s not only the USA government & secret agencies many countries media houses have been reported that governments are monitoring citizens’ conversations and digital activity. Your data might be in the hands of a government database because ISP can keep track & record digital activities like web browsing history, credentials, media files, personal data, and more.

Tor Browser

  1. You can subscribe to the premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) services.
  2. You can browse the internet using the Tor Browser, and it is used by the army, journalists, hackers, and other people who want to be anonymous on the internet.

C) Add a stronger firewall or enable Windows Firewall.

D) You can switch to the Tails Linux operating system that is designed for privacy and security.

You can take small measures to maintain privacy and keep the government surveillance system away from space. We have to say that the VPN & Tor Browser is a necessity in modern times.

Bottom Line

We have covered five cybercrimes that are committed daily, and you should look out for it. Many reports go unreported because they fear powerful people behind it, and it doesn’t get enough coverage in mainstream media. Let us know which digital crime affected you in the comment section below.

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