CS: GO Keys: What are They and Are They Worth It?

Globally, esports revenue has already exceeded $1 billion, which is an indication of how big the industry is. While there are many games that contribute to its popularity, one of the most loved is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, more popularly called CS: GO.

Playing CS: GO can be overwhelming for beginners. There are different aspects of the game that you need to understand. Among others, you must be familiar with CSGO keys and how they work. If you are clueless, keep on reading and learn from the insights we’ll share. Aside from talking about what they are, you will also learn if they are worth it or if they are nothing but a waste of your in-game resources.

What is a CS: GO Key?

Let’s not make things complicated. CS: GO key is exactly what the name implies – a key that you will use to open a container. Where am I going to use the keys? This is perhaps your next question. You will use it for opening cases. The latter are random items that are dropped in specific matches. These cases contain skins, which are cosmetic in-game items. Cases are locked, and hence, you will need a key to open them. If you don’t have the needed key, this is when you might wnat to think of buying one.

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However, one of the most important things to note is that since 2019, Steam ruled that new keys can no longer be traded or marketed. This means that every key that you have in your account is strictly yours. You cannot trade it to other players.

In the previous years, many of the key exchanges were legitimate. However, there has recently been an increase in fraudulent transactions, which is also what forced Steam to introduce a new rule that all CS: GO keys will not leave the account of its original owner. It has been used in worldwide fraud networks, resulting in a criminal activity through the platform.

After the announcement of the ban, keys skyrocketed in prices. While you might initially assume that it is a good thing, it does not matter at all. You can no longer trade or sell the key, so any increase in its price is irrelevant.

What are the Best CS: GO Keys?

Wondering about the keys that you can have while playing CS: GO? The most common is a CS: GO case key. As the name implies, this is something that you will use for unlocking CS: GO cases. Other types include Esports, Winter Offensive, Operation Phoenix, Huntsman, Operation Breakout, Operation Vanguard, Chroma, Revolver, Shadow, and Gamma Case Keys. More keys can be added to this long list.

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Are CS: GO Keys Worth It?

Now that you can no longer buy CS: GO keys, the only option that you have is to buy it in-store. Through your Steam account, you can buy keys, which are priced at $2.5. As noted earlier, because of the ban that has been imposed by Steam in 2019, you can no longer trade keys. Given its price, we believe that it is worth buying keys. It can be frustrating to learn that the case contains a low-value item, but you will never know if you don’t open it. Consequently, the only way by which you can open the case, is if you buy the keys.


In sum, CS: GO keys are in-game items that you will use for opening cases. These cases are random drops and they contain cosmetic items, some of which are valuable and can cost thousands of dollars! Although, more often than not, the item is insignificant. Buying keys is a matter of personal opinion. It is cheap, so if you have the budget, we believe that it is worth it. This is a great way to satisfy your curiosity since it will allow you to open the case you have in your possession! If you are cash-strapped and you want to use your money somewhere else, you can totally forget about keys! In most situations, it won’t be too much of a loss! Statistically speaking, there is a higher chance that the item in the case is of insignificant value.

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