Are You Monitoring Your Employees? Here’s How to Make It Work

If the mandatory work from home requirements sent your team to work remotely for the first time, you’ve found yourself in a situation where most employers were last year. A fully remote workforce needed to be operational within days, and you needed to make sure that your clients are still services, but also that your team is still being productive.

Like many other employers, you’ve probably thought about implementing an employee monitoring software in your company. We get it, it’s useful in many ways, especially when your whole team suddenly goes remote.

If you still haven’t had the time to think about it and do your research, we’re here to help you figure out how to implement and use an employee monitoring software the right way.

Keep Everything Transparent

You know how the old saying says that honesty is the best policy? Well that’s especially true when it comes to employee monitoring software. As soon as you decide to use a software like this – tell your employees.

Let them know why you want to implement it, what will it track, how will you use the data, who will see it, and so on. In some countries, you’re even required by law to do this. But, even if you aren’t, you should go ahead and have that talk with your team.

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Involve Your Team in the Process

Since you’re already making the whole implementation of employee monitoring software transparent, why not include your team? Some of them might have knowledge about the software from their previous company and could help you select the best tool. On the other hand, you and your team will be testing the tools together, so you should have an open line of communication for any feedback they might have.

Your employees will be using the tool in a different way than you, and they might catch something that went past you.

In addition, including them in this project will make them more invested, they’ll understand how the tool works, and they’ll accept it more easily.

Test, Test, Test

All solutions offer some kind of a trial period, and you should maximize that time. Use it till the end, because a few hours can’t really tell you if the software is reliable or not.

Additionally, don’t settle for the first option. There’s a variety of tools out there, and you should really give some of them a try before deciding on the best employee monitoring software for your company.

This is where your team’s involvement comes in handy as well – different departments can test different options, so you can get detailed feedback of each of them.

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Analyze and Share the Data

What good is the data if you’re not going to use it? Use the data your employee monitoring tool collects and analyze it on a regular basis to find potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement. You can also create benchmarks for performance, reward top employees, and so much more.

Align the software and the data with your ultimate business goals to get the most out of it.

And for extra transparency – let your employees access their own data at any point. You don’t want their working days to pass in fear of what you’re seeing or how much idle time they’ve had today – let them see what you see. It’s a game changer, and it also gives employees an opportunity to discover their issues and resolve them without your involvement.

Wrapping Up

Employee monitoring software really has a lot of benefits, for employees and employers alike, and it’s always a good time to start using it. The data it collects is useful in remote and office environments, for teams of any size, in any industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find your employee monitoring tool today!


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