How School Districts Can Monitor Overtime And Payroll Costs With An Online Employee Time Clock

Most people don’t realize where their tax dollars go or all the taxes they end up paying. This can include sales, property, and more. There is a percentage of these tax dollars that go to funding our public schools. This means that teachers get paid with our tax money, and students receive new equipment and textbooks through this money.

The unfortunate reality is that there are instances where teachers have taken advantage of ancient time tracking systems to get more overtime. This is unfair to the taxpayers and other teachers who are honest about their work hours. Luckily, there is a way to combat this issue; schools need to invest in modern online employee time clock software.

Not every teacher is looking to make an extra dollar, but it has been a rising problem over the last few years. Most of us think of employee time fraud as teenagers texting or browsing the internet while working. However, that is not the case anymore, and modern time tracking tools need to be used to combat this issue.

Most schools have a highly flexible time tracking system that relies heavily on trust. This situation allows buddy punching to happen more easily than ever before, and even if a teacher may not realize it, it can cost taxpayers more every year. Here are some ways an online employee time clock app can help you comabt unnecessary overtime and ensure everyone is getting paid fairly.

Limit Buddy Punching

When one person asks another to punch them in even when they are not there, this is buddy punching. It allows one person to get extra time on the job clock that is paid. This can easily happen with older systems and can add up to a lot of extra money at the end of the year.

Though fifteen minutes may seem like something you can let slide, it adds up to over an extra hour of work each week and five additional hours per month. With multiple teachers doing this, it could be a financial mess. Online time clock software allows you to enable time theft reducing features such as facial recognition to ensure that employees are only punching time only for themselves.

Have One Connected System

Most schools don’t have a connected team time tracking system that is integrated. This means a separate system to punch in, a different scheduling system, and another one to process payroll. A system set up like this is incredibly scattered and is challenging for any person to manage.

Using separate systems to manage workers can be more easily manipulated, or employees can take advantage of the disorganization. Having one integrated online timesheet software solution that allows schedules to be created, hours to be updated, punch-ins to be monitored, and payroll synced is essential for streamlining and reducing potential overtime costs.

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Determine Costs Of An Individual

When you have one online timecard system that monitors all aspects of the time tracking process, it is much easier to see who is working, for how long, and what they’re working on at any given time. You can more easily track when an employee is working regular hours or when they incur overtime. There may be times when grading and projects take extra-long and overtime is deemed required. However, this is a great way to limit unnecessary overtime, which can save on labor costs.

Understanding how to limit time fraud can help save money that could be going to something more substantial. This saved money can bring new textbooks to a school, expand the science equipment, or maybe get new books for a library. Using an online employee time clock app, you can determine precisely how employees are spending time and adjust work schedules or shift assignments as needed to avoid costly overtime or reduce time theft.

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