What Can Savant Home Automation Do?

Your home is the place for you to relax, spend time with those you care about, and a place for you to truly be yourself. So, why not maximize your home experience by making your space smarter? Savant home automation is one of the industry leaders in bringing smart technology to your home. With a full range of smart home devices, a Savant dealer can help you achieve cutting-edge smart lighting, smart shades, full entertainment integration, and more.

But what exactly can home automation do? By 2023, 63 million homes in America will be “smart” with one or more devices. Whether it’s advanced security, video monitoring, or integrated entertainment systems, our homes are being driven by new technologies. Savant home offers a fully customizable approach to seamlessly integrate your home with innovative technology.

Savant has become a home automation leader due to its cutting-edge devices, stylish finishes, easy-to-use controls, and quick and efficient installations. Here, we take a closer look into some of the exciting things that Savant home automation could do for you and your family.


Kick back, relax, and let Savant do the rest. With this home automation system, home entertainment becomes easier than ever to customize and control. From one remote, Savant can integrate your television, stereo system, and even lighting to match any activity or mood.

With the Savant Pro App, you can take advantage of advanced video tiling and watch up to nine video sources on a single screen. This means you can catch up on the news without missing a single second of the game or your favorite show (or in this case, shows).

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Savant Pro Remote X2

Integrating multiple smart home devices could seem overwhelming at first, but with the Savant Pro Remote X2, you can control every aspect of your home from the palm of your hand. One tap access brings you a world of entertainment that’s so easy to control your children can use it. Fully customizable controls also allow you to create unique accounts for every user so they can have access to what they care about. If your kids are using this remote, you’ll also come to appreciate its durable design.

The Savant Pro Remote X2 is even built-in with Siri voice control. Need more natural light in a certain room? Time for lights out? Make it all happen with simple voice control. Savant’s easy-to-use remote even comes in a number of custom finishes so it’ll fit right in with your personal style.

Safety and Security

Not only can Savant make your home more enjoyable, but it also makes it safer. Savant home automation can include a variety of safety and security features. With the Savant App, you have complete control over any point of entry in your home, allowing you to lock or unlock your doors, garage, or gate. Savant also provides front door control when you’re not at home. With a wide-angle HD camera and two-way voice intercom, you can interact with anyone at your front door from the office or while you’re on vacation—this can be especially helpful for package deliveries.

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Savant also allows you to integrate security lights throughout your property. Motion sensor lights and video monitoring are two ways you can feel more secure at home. There’s even a night vision mode that lets you instantly access video whenever motion is detected. With Savant home automation, you and your family can sleep soundly each night.

Fully customizable home automation

There’s no place that’s more unique and individualized than your own home. Savant understands this and strives to make Savant fit your individual needs. What can Savant home automation do for you? Well, you might want to first ask: what do you want from your smart home tech?

Savant allows you complete control over your smart home technology. This isn’t a one size fits all model. While Savant offers a wide range of home features, including lighting, entertainment, security, smart shades and more, you choose which devices you want for your home. Once your system is installed, you can also customize the devices, choosing those that link up so you can dim the lights when your favorite playlist starts to play. Savant understands we all have unique needs and they want to make your home as unique as possible.

Access your home from anywhere

Worried you left the lights on? Did your kids remember to close the garage door? These worries will become a thing of the past with Savant. Feel safe and secure from anywhere in the world with Savant’s integrated app technology. Accessible from your smartphone, smartwatch, or computer, the Savant app offers full control of your smart home, remotely, from the touch of a button.

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Not only can you check in on your house, but the Savant app also allows you to make any needed adjustments on the fly, including lighting, shades, and temperature control. You can even keep tabs on your home by accessing high-quality webcams from anywhere in the world. Peace of mind comes as a free bonus with your home automation system. With Savant’s simple to use technology, you don’t need to be at home to feel at home.

Conclusion- What can Savant do?

No matter where you are located, if you’re looking to make your home a more convenient, tech-savvy, and simply a more relaxing space, Savant home automation might be right for you. A Savant dealer can offer smart lighting, smart shades, entertainment systems, security, remote access, and so much more. Even better, all your devices and technology can be controlled from their sleek Pro Remote X2. There are many online Savant dealers.


Smart home technology is truly the wave of the future. As digital technologies advance, the industry has continued to develop more creative and unique ways to bring sophisticated technology to nearly every aspect of your home. What’s keeping you from having the smartest house on the block?


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