iBoysoft Data Recovery review: Powerful & free data recovery software

Today it is very easy to save large files on your device. The devices have a large storage capacity even a small SD card chip can store a lot of data. These devices come with their drawbacks because there is no data protection or any recovery option available in these storage devices which include SD card, Flash drive, USB drive, SSD, etc. If users accidentally lost data on these devices by clicking unknowingly or any unknown error occurs, what are the recovery and backup options available for the users? How can the user get back their data?

There are many data recovery options available. One of the most trusted processes for recovering the lost file, corrupted file, damaged files, hidden files is by using data recovery software. The best data recovery software is iBoysoft Data Recovery. This software has many features that make the kit exceptional from other recovery software.

Features of Data recovery software

There are many advanced features in this recovery software that makes it stand out from others.

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Secure and Protects Data

This data recovery software does not cause any damage to the files even if they are corrupted. The software has advanced options that can protect data from different viruses and malware. Due to the minimum risk of loss of data, it is trusted by the users.

Free 1GB data recovery

This is the maximum data recovery storage for files any software is offering. The software aims to gain the trust of the clients and to give them a surety that it is a great choice for data recovery software. It almost recovers all types of files from the hard drive, SD card, or other storage devices.

Maximum recovery success rate

iBoysoft Data Recovery can recover every type of data. It supports all file systems and recovers pictures, files, videos, music, or any other mail. Most of the time, this recovery software recovers all the data the users need. The success rate is high to get back the data safe and secure that’s why it is the most trusted software by the users.

Easy to use and quick scans

This file recovery software does not need any special techniques to recover the data, using this software. Install iBoysoft Data Recovery on your device and start scanning the files you want to recover. Wait for the system to scan the files to retrieve the data. The lost data list appears on the screen, click on the files you want to recover and you are done. Its that easy to recover data using this software. Moreover, it does not keep you waiting for a long time, the system is well functioning, quick, and user friendly and recovers the data quickly.

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Support all file types and operates on Mac and Windows

This software is available for both operating systems and working capabilities are the same. There is separate installing software for both operating systems. The iBoysoftdata recovery software support all file types and can recover deleted, corrupted, partition loss files, virus infected files without damaging the data inside the files. The RAW partition file recovery system and Bit Lock recovery system features of the software convince the users to not regret the decision of availing this software.

Is it worth buying the premium version?

If you are confused about whether you should buy the premium version of this software, analyze and reconsider the features of this fast data recovery system. It allows the users to preview the files before downloading them and has a free 1GB data recovery that is enough to test the data recovery capability of this software.

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