3 Call Centre Services That You Should Know About

Even in today’s digital world, customers still prefer calling customer service. The immediacy and intimacy of a call between a customer and customer service agent help build trust. But it can be a big challenge for many growing businesses to handle phone support.

To handle customer requests, queries, and grievances, companies use call center services. Businesses have several options to choose from when it comes to providing customer support. They can either set up their call center and hire agents, which is often quite a costly and cumbersome proposition. Or they can choose to delegate this function to expert call center services. Another option that is gaining popularity is using call center apps or software. More and more companies are either using or planning to use apps for call center services. Such software decreases costs increase customer service quality and reduce employee turnover.

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Two types of call centers exist—Inbound and Outbound.

Inbound call center agents receive hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of calls from customers every day. Issues vary from accounts, billing matters, to order placements queries and many others. Representatives support customers, log calls, and document key data. Team members conduct marketing activities at outbound call centers by contacting clients about promotions and other services. Call centers have a system in place to track the number of regular calls received, the length of these calls, and other metrics.

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If you plan to provide your team of agents added support with the help of a call center software, here are some things you should know about:

Calling Capabilities

The calling capability, where agents can take incoming calls and make outgoing calls, is an essential call center service. There are solutions like KENT CamCall, a call center services software that offers 1-to-1 video-based inbound calls with a facility to transfer the calls and add more participants.

Call Routing

Solutions like KENT CamCall come with call routing feature that segment and guide incoming calls, automating the process that connect callers to the expert or agent they are searching for. These solutions distribute calls based on pre-defined logic, like round-robin, sticky agents, or broadcast. An ideal call center services software routes calls to the right agents, offers them extra information about the customer, and helps the management execute an omnichannel strategy.

Call Recording

You have probably heard this a thousand times, “this call is being recorded for safety, security, or training purposes.” Recording calls is necessary for analyzing how agents are handling calls and whether or not they are answering customer queries properly.

It is necessary to record calls so that supervisors can listen to calls from agents and advise on how to make improvements. In case of a legal or compliance problem, the basics will be protected by call recording. Call center solutions like this make saving and storing every call in a highly structured, searchable database as simple as possible.

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You will need an efficient call center solution if you want to build a good relationship with your customers and save money. One such call center software is KENT CamCall. It is the world’s first video-based platform for inbound calls. Customer support inherently involves a lot of explanations to describe issues. Video calls help the customer in showing the device or explaining through screen sharing for faster troubleshooting.

And likewise, agents can also show the product solution on a video call easily. KENT CamCall comes with an app-less feature that does not require any app installation by the agent or the customer. They can easily initiate a video call using a browser link that can be scanned from the newspaper ad, brand page, countertop displays, and so forth. Agents can also click through an integrated widget on the website.


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