5 Client Reporting Software to Save Time and Win Trust

Client Reporting Software is the best way to interact with your client and tell him to work hard. When you give all the details of your work, you take your agency to the top. 

Client Reporting Software to Save Time

Here are the three main reasons why you need reporting software:

  1. This software is a great way to communicate with your client. By providing them weekly or monthly reports, you invite them for an open discussion. 
  2. While your client is an expert in his business, he may not know the digital field. With the help of client reporting software, you can educate your client. You can introduce them to new campaign strategies and guide them about what works best in the digital world.
  3. Client reporting software comes with automated features. So you do not have to spend much time creating your report and showcasing the success of the campaigns done by the agency. 

5 Client Reporting Software to Save Time and Win Trust

Here we have gathered for you the five best client reporting software that saves time and helps you win your clients’ trust. 

  • KlipFolio

Klipfolio manages the client’s data in one place. It has different templates that you can customize according to every client’s requirements. It allows you to customize templates, widgets, and charts. You can control what each client should see by managing permissions. There are also pre-built templates so you can make a start quickly. You can have an idea about how it works and whether it is suitable for you or not by using its 14-day free trial. 

  • NinjaCat 

If you want to win your client’s trust by adding visuals, then NinjaCat is there for you. It has monitoring tools of budgets that alert you whenever you exceed the limits. Inspire clients by adding suggestions and insights and by managing digital marketing campaigns magnificently. You can customize your agency’s colors and logo while reporting. Price varies according to the plan.  

  • DashThis

DashThis is an easy-to-use client reporting software designed for beginners and newbies. There are report templates that can be re-used for different clients. If you have bulk clients, there is a facility for dashboard creation at cheap rates. To make the report client-friendly, make use of headers and annotations. You can add unlimited users to DashThis. To get White label options, you will need to pay extra. Get a discount on different plans by paying annually.

  • Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics proves to be the best tool for reporting back to clients. What makes it unique is its SEO audit tool that robotically scans problems in client’s websites. You have the facility of the agency’s branding because both reports and dashboards are white-labeled. You can manage all your clients on this platform as it keeps a massive number of connectors. Control what different clients can see by administrating permissions. To allocate staff members to various tasks or clients, you can use the task management tool of AgencyAnalytics.

  • Swydo 

Swydo is a great reporting tool that saves your time and energy. It has numerous templates and widgets that allow you to create the report quickly without any complex processes. You can even check and track clients’ activities. Summarize your essay by mentioning key points to provide a quick note to your client. Set goals and track KPIs. Use the trial version of Swydo for 14 days to get familiar with its features, but you would not be able to access custom metrics. Upgrade your plan to acquire all the features. 

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Final Verdict

Hopefully, the client above reporting software will help you fulfill your needs. You should choose the one that suits the budget and requirements of your digital marketing agency.

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