Top 10 tips for beginners in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov or EFT is a game with a lot of depth, definitely not something that a new player can expect to get a hang of in a few games. There are many minute details like gun customization and the working of the headsets that can change the fate of the game. However, that should not deter you from trying it out. Refer to these Escape from Tarkov hacks for beginners to quickly get a knack of the game and to jump right into the field.

10 tips for beginners in Escape from Tarkov

Stick to just one map

Maps are the crux of the EFT first shooter game. There are many locations in the game. Start with one map and get better at it. As a beginner, stick to just one place on the map. Spend time exploring various possibilities of the map which will work to your advantage letting you be well versed with the map to catch the opponents off guard. Start with one map which is more than enough to begin playing the game.

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Complete as many quests as you can

Escape from Tarkov gives bonuses and quests are the way to upgrade yourself faster in the game. These quests are tasks or challenges and when you complete them you are rewarded. You should choose to complete as many missions as you can. These do reward you but also help in improving your skills. You learn by doing that lets you jump up the ladder faster.

SCAV runs

The SCAV runs are the best thing to do when you are playing Escape from Tarkov. The SCAV lets you reach a random fight with random gear. You will have to run through the time and then survive to get out of it. If you can get out from the SCAV run then the profit and arsenal both will shoot right up. SCAV runs are friendly and you do not get attacked until you decide to shoot first.

Make sure to use the secure container

The secure container lets you safeguard precious weapons. It is an amazing hack and you get different sizes of containers based on the level of the game that you are in. It is possible to upgrade to a bigger container when the game progresses. You can store your weapons in these containers. The specialty of these containers is that it retains the weapons even if you get killed so you can use them in your future games.

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Play against the bots

Practice lets you master the game and the best way to do it in EFT is to play with the bots. The offline bots are strong and they help you improve your skills. You can choose to play varied gameplays to understand where your strength and weakness lie.

Do not mistake your enemy to be your friend

Be calculative about the amount of risk that you take. Do not underestimate your enemy. You need to take some risk to win the game but do not be aggressive. Move fast to avoid being caught by the opponent who may then attack you. Move continuously to defend yourself.

 Learn various ammo

Ammo is an important part of the game and it gives you the weapons to upgrade to a level. Different weapons use different types of ammo so check the ammo to know which suits your weapon and figure out the best ways to get the maximum result.

Make use of insurance

Insurance is for all. It is cheap and it lets you be at peace of mind because you know that your things are safe.

The secret of ctrl and click

Just hold on to control and click on any item to move it instantly. When you do this to an item in the stash it moves it to the first slot that is open on your character and the other way round too. It also speeds up looting in the raid. When you do ctrl and click on the items that can be looted then it moves it to the character instantly. Using alt and click on the items like backpacks and guns equips them on your character.

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Play smart

Looting is important but there are few things that you should keep in mind. What should you keep in the safe container? People keep their medical supplies but in reality, medical supplies are very cheap. Also, make sure to understand the value per slot for an object.


Escape from Tarkov keeps drawing in new players and the count is growing bigger each day. The game throws a lot of challenges so there is a lot for beginners to learn. This guide covers all the essential tips to help you get started.

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