Web Design Fundamentals: How to Design a User-Friendly Website in 2021

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Nearly all the businesses in 2021 have shifted their attention to the online market. Every business and service must have an interactive website to attract customers. It’s also a form of new marketing strategy to exploit the online market. However, having just a website is not enough, it has to be interactive, accessible, and attractive to pull in the right type of crowd. Phoenix web design can help you build the kind of website that can increase the flow of your business. If you are designing a website in 2021 for your business, be sure to check out the following fundamentals of web design.

1. Mobile Ready

More than 50% of traffic your website experiences comes from users browsing it on mobile. This is the age of smartphones, so it’s logical to make a website that also supports it. Before launching your website, always check if it’s mobile-friendly or not. Your website will lose a lot of traffic if it’s not navigable on a smartphone.

2. Stability

The website should be stable and the experience should be smooth for the user. How many times we just log off from a website just because it is slow or unresponsive? It’s a fast world, other websites and businesses are offering the same, the attention of the user will switch if the website wastes their time. It is important to perform all the checks necessary before launching the website. Remember to collect the traffic data once the website is launched as it will help to make it better.

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3. Live ChatBots

If you are launching a website for your business, then it’s a good idea to add a live chatbot. The purpose of this chatbot is to answer all the necessary questions from the customer. This will help you make new customers without your involvement. Live chatbots are pretty advanced these days and can answer almost all the questions of the user. Including them in your website design is like adding an employee to your marketing team. The learning process for their chatbots is also very simple.

4. Compact and Detailed

A website that has a compact yet detailed design gets more traffic. If all the information about your business is on the first page of the website, then it will hold the attention of the user. Scrolling down a page is much easier as opposed to waiting for a tab to open. Websites in 2021, should be compact in their design and detailed in their content.

5. Right Color Scheme

This is as fundamental as the content of your website. Color psychology plays an important role in the success of a website. There science behind the color schemes and depending on your business these colors change. Have you ever noticed how all food apps have red in their theme? This is because food and red go together and they also attract customers. Always design your website and use the appropriate color schemes to attract new customers and users.

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Keep in mind the above fundamentals when designing a website and your website will have the right traffic.

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