Bluehost WordPress Hosting – A Complete Guide

Bluehost has grown to be one of the world’s largest hosting companies since its founding in 2003. Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth founded it in 2003. Since 2005, WordPress has endorsed it. Bluehost web hosting has grown to become one of the leading hosting companies in the world, providing high-quality services at a reasonable cost.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

  Basic Plus Choice plus
Number of websites 1 Unlimited unlimited
SSD Storage 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Theme Custom Custom Custom
Customer Support 24/7 24/7 24/7
Free Domain 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Free CDN Available Available Available
Free SSL Certificate Available Available Available
Free Office 365 No Yes (30 days) Yes (30 days)
Free Domain Privacy No No Yes
Free Automatic Backup No No 1 Year
Pricing (First 26 months) $2.65/month $5.95/month $6.95/month
Pricing (Regular) $8.99/month $11.99/month $16.99/month
Great choice for Blog/small website Small businesses Growing business


When we were doing research on Bluehost to write this Bluehost review tutorial, we paid special attention to this section as it is the most important to know features of a web hosting company.

  1. Installation WordPress Automatically: You don’t need to take the hassle of installing WordPress. Bluehost handles it very efficiently.
  2. Update WordPress Automatically: Bluehost always updates to the latest version of WordPress. Your website will always be safe.
  3. Free Domain: You will get a free domain for one year with all WordPress hosting packages.
  4. Security of login credentials changes: You can modify or configure the login credentials for your WordPress site in a secure way.
  5. Free Microsoft 365: You can get free Microsoft 365 for 30 days with Plus and Choice plus packages.
  6. Get Google My Business verification: Connect with local customers by allowing them to see your address and business hours on Google Maps.
  7. Themes and Plugins marketplace: Bluehost has themes and plugins marketplace. You can easily install themes and plugins from the Bluehost marketplace. You can get fully customizable themes and plugins.
  8. Manage WordPress dynamically: You get dynamic controls, including dynamic scalability, security, support, and speed as your website grows.
  9. WooCommerce Integration: You get WooCommerce, a powerful WordPress tool with Bluehost hosting.
  10. 24/7 support: Bluehost’s support is excellent. You can get 24/7 support from their dedicated support team.
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Bluehost Website Builder

Bluehost Website Builder is a website-building tool that requires no programming or technical experience to use. Users can visually click, drag, and drop material to create a web page. Moreover, you can easily customize your live website. Currently, you will get a single theme with 1000 layout choices. Whether you’re a beginner to WordPress or an old expert, Bluehost Website Builder is a must-have tool for constructing a wonderfully professional website.

With Bluehost website builder, you will get-

  • CSS can be changed as needed
  • Free stock images
  • Real-time editing
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Custom fonts
  • 24/7 support

Bluehost Uptime

Bluehost offers an excellent uptime guarantee of 99.98%, proving that it is reliable. Because no web host can ensure 100% uptime, I would consider 99.98% uptime is an outstanding performance. It translates to approximately one hour and forty-five minutes of downtime each year.  Here’s a look at how Bluehost’s uptime and response time appeared in the year 2021.

Months of 2021 Uptime (%) Response time (ms)
August 99.98 1,020
July 100 704
June 99.99 780
May 99.77 820
April 99.99 739
March 100 721
February 99.97 795
January 100 770

Bluehost Support

If you become a web host customer, you may require assistance and support from time to time. As a result, you must select a web hosting company that will always be available to help you whenever you require it.

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Bluehost’s broad knowledge base includes a vast collection of articles, step-by-step guidance, and video tutorials to assist you at any time. If you are a beginner, these articles, tutorials, and guides will be your life savior. You can also resolve the most common issues in no time with these instructions.

At times, you may need to contact technical support staff for urgent and personal assistance. Bluehost prioritizes your needs and maintains support team representatives. They offer 24/7 support via live chat or phone support.

If you are looking for a ticket-based support system, let me tell you that Bluehost has recently decided to discontinue this service. Yes, this service is partially helpful if you can’t resolve your issue in one live chat or single phone session. However, Bluehost prefers a more personalized approach to live chat and phone-based assistance. Phone assistance or live chat, in my opinion, will help you handle issues more quickly.

Bluehost Vs Godaddy

If you search for the best web hosting company, you will run into two well-known names: Bluehost and Godaddy. Let’s look at the comparison of their features, performance, and cost.


WordPress Hosting:

  • Bluehost has a WordPress-centric dashboard, WordPress themes, and a WP staging environment that makes your site management easy. It also has a staff of in-house WordPress specialists who are available 24/7 to assist you with any issues. Thus, if you have are asking which hosting is best for WordPress then Bluehost is definitely perfect solution for you.
  • GoDaddy’s ready-to-use customized themes make it simple to get your WordPress site up and running.
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  • Bluehost offers a free secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate with two-factor authentication. Also, Bluehost integrates with an automatic monitoring tool called Sitelock (identify unusual activity and keep your website off search engine blacklists) to increase the security level.
  • Godaddy only offers a free secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate.

Website migration:

  • Bluehost charges a one-time price of $149.99 for professional website migration (5 website migration and 20 email account switching are possible). Although the service is not free, it is a seamless process, and you don’t need to transfer files manually.
  • Godaddy provides free website migration services. You must manually download your website’s files from your previous hosting company and upload them to Godaddy’s server.



  • Bluehost guarantees 99.98% uptime.
  • Godaddy guarantees 99.99% uptime.

Response time:

  • Bluehost has an average of 773 ms of website response time.
  • Godaddy has an average of 531 ms of website response time.


Shared hosting package:

  • Bluehost’s promotional price starts at $2.95 /month. But the renewal price is the same as the regular rate of $8.99/month.
  • Godaddy has four different shared hosting plans: starter, economy, deluxe, and ultimate. The starter price range begins at ₹ 99.00 /month. The renewal fee is- ₹ 199.00 /month.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting:

  • Bluehost’s VPS hosting plans begin at $19.99/month.
  • Godaddy’s plans start from ₹ 439.00 /month.

 Business Hosting Plans:

  • Bluehost provides WooCommerce hosting package with starting range of $12.95 per month.
  • Godaddy also has a business hosting package whose pricing starts at $21.99 a month.

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