Benefits of Using Laravel for Web Development

Laravel is a PHP framework dedicated to building full-featured web applications. It’s a free, open source framework; it is one of the simple toolkits for web development. For the purpose of custom application development, Laravel is a really popular PHP framework. Estimated, more than 35,000 developers across the world use this platform due to its robust features. One can go for Laravel tutorial to get a full-proof understanding of the framework. Emphasising on Laravel. I will introduce you to its many significant advantages associated with development.

Build Authorized Systems

Laravel allows a developer to make a web application safe from unauthorised access. Laravel follows out-of-the-box configuration and also organizes data and controls its access. Using Laravel framework implies that your website is restricted for the users who pretend to be an authorised user. Laravel prevents such actions and only provides access to secured sources.

Easy Integration with Mail Services

The simple and intuitive API of Laravel allows a web application to include the email notification feature. Today, almost every modern web software uses an email facility to connect and test the users. An application can start sending emails to their users by using the drivers involved in Laravel like SMTP, Mandrill, Amazon SES, SparkPost, PHP commands, and others. Laravel is also useful for connecting with customers via SMS and Slack.

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Fix Technical Weakness

Laravel is a great shield for the web applications against the most common but serious security issues. The framework is secure and guards the websites against risks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and cross-site request forgery.

Perform Automation Testing

A developer surely wants to minimize the chances of crashes, errors, and bugs in a web application. Testing is, therefore, important for the success of the application. Laravel offers a robust support for testing and verifies with PHPUnit and phpunit.xml file in the framework. Also, it offers convenient methods to perform testing on the applications. You can indulge in testing the basic behavior of a user on your platform like form filling, and examine the output through Laravel.

Separated Logic Code and Presentation Code

When working on Laravel, designers don’t need developers and can easily change the appearance of web pages by themselves. This turns out to be a cost-effective decision for the web application owner. Laravel incorporates an MVC framework and offers separation of logical and presentation code at an early stage, helping a programmer to perform fast actions and make changes in the code.

Configure Message Queue System

Communication is the major part of any web application today. It could be connecting with the customers or users of other applications which are managed by developers. They can use the message queue system from Laravel which is helpful for balancing the load, keeping data integrity, and increasing application’s speed at the time of application development. Laravel by offering them unified API provides robust support for various queue backends. This way, time-consuming tasks can be deferred while increasing the speed of web requests of an application. When dealing with a large number of users on a platform, such frameworks are very effective in processing data efficiently and decreasing the risk of application hosting. Also, Laravel can save data loss this way.

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All these points suggest that Laravel is a great framework to build high-quality applications easily. It has robust features and scalable properties for exhibiting a great performance.


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