Ways to Promote Your Online Business without Breaking the Bank

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Online businesses have been trending for quite some time now. The general public is gradually embracing the luxury of staying home and having products and services delivered at their doorsteps; without abandoning other priorities.

The past two years have seen a tremendous surge in online businesses. Thanks to the 2019 pandemic (one that shall not be named!)- Businesses had no choice but to shift their entire operations online to stay afloat since physical presence practically became non-existent. It proved a smoother transition for bigger businesses with ample funds and resources to strategize differently.

However, local and smaller businesses have had to face various challenges for their recognition and growth. Only a positive word of mouth can’t do the job, with a plethora of similar and alternate services available in the market. How to win over your competitors and stand out? Advertise and promote your business to build a customer base and brand recognition; to get your desired goal.

We know that small online businesses have a limited budget to work with. Well, the good news is that there are ample ways to market your service to the customers without going bankrupt! Paying the utilities and employees becomes a greater priority, causing marketing and promotion of the business a challenge.

Build and update a website

Your customers expect you to have a website with information about your product and business since they can’t have an in-store experience. Websites add a professional touch and credibility to the venture. It isn’t tough to create a website rather, strategically organize your content on it.

Jazz up your website with an interactive and vibrant interface. Add in referrals, podcasts, discount packages, eBooks, and short stories to hold the customer’s attention. In case you’ve somehow missed the rising trend of eBook marketing to boost online businesses, we are here to help you catch that train.

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Ebooks give your customers a detailed insight on specific areas of expertise, educate people about your business and enhance your reputation. According to marketing experts, ebooks have become an effective and influential marketing tool. So, jot this idea down in your planner and get going. Don’t know how to start on your ebook? Try designrr ebook creator to design professional yet stylish ebooks for more sales, leads, and customer engagement and publish it on your website and other social platforms.

Why would people read your ebooks? They are free, can be downloaded and read anywhere and, they create brand awareness!

Incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Creating a website or blog post just because everyone is doing it won’t get you the results. Irrelevant content on your social platforms will only deter the customers. The hours spent on organizing your content will only go to the garbage if it doesn’t reach the target audience because there is already an overabundance of information available on the internet.

Google’s algorithms provide the most accurate and relevant content to any search. You need to set unique, popular, and common keywords to ensure that google picks your website/blog for the desired query and displays it on page one for the greatest viewings. The key is to think how a regular individual will ask google about your kind of services! Play it smart and strategize your content marketing to prevent all your efforts from going in vain.

Social Media is your best bet!

No one can deny the power and hold of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in the times we live. Not a day goes by without people scrolling through these platforms to voice their opinions and demands. Make the ultimate use of these free platforms to market the business.

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Let’s see how social media can help with business promotions.

  • Any content you create can be linked and shared on social media pages.
  • The most effective tools in creating awareness about the business. And building customer interactions.
  • Help you reach a larger audience in an effective collaboration with influencers.
  • Do live streams for interacting with customers- get to know their feedback and enhance your image?
  • Increase engagement through polls. It is only a single click effort from the audience. Remember, most people love to share their two cents anonymously with minimal effort. It is a great way to get an extensive feedback response.
  • Hold contests in exchange for gifts. It not only increases customer engagement but allows the audience to test out your products. You can potentially gain loyal customers if they like your service!
  • Use Hashtags– broaden your customer reach with them! Hashtags are your keywords for gaining recognition on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and other social media. A catchy phrase can get you trending at the top in no time – #likeforlikes, #photooftheday!

Collaborate with other Businesses

If you want your business to grow, keep the ‘me’ factor to the side for a little bit. Fledgling ventures must realize the importance of collaborating with other brands in a cross-marketing campaign to benefit each other.

For instance, a cosmetic brand can arrange a cross-promotion with wedding planners to give a discounted makeover for the bride and her bridal entourage. Similarly, men’s couture can drape the groom and his best mates in dapper suits for the wedding!

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Or you may collaborate with your peers in like-minded businesses and get shout-outs and featured in guest posts.

Don’t give up on Email Marketing!

Email marketing has been with us since the advent of the internet. Although it did lose its touch for a while, email marketing is back at it with a vengeance! It still manages to remain as the most reliable way to reach its audience.

Are you a publishing industry, a technology service provider, or any business? Try email marketing by:

  • Put thought and creativity to subject lines.
  • Make it light and conversational to encourage the audience to take an interest.
  • Do A/B promotional trials and device future strategies based on the results.
  • Keep them updated about new developments, exciting announcements through newsletters.
  • Offer discounts on membership and free subscription opportunities to create awareness about your premium content they could be missing out on.

Reuse your old content

Well, if you are experiencing a creativity slump for fresh content, then play it smart by polishing your old content and take this opportunity to make most of the efforts you’ve already put in.

Pick out an old blog post (provided that the content is still relevant) and turn it into a podcast or try for a visual representation like an animated video.

Break the stereotype, not your bank!

Think out of the box, do a little research, and market your business like a pro on a minimal budget. It isn’t impossible anymore!


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