Why should you build your Instagram follower base organically?

Growing Instagram followers can be a daunting task especially if you are just starting. Even people with years of Instagram participation find it challenging to grow followers. As you probably know, it is real work! As a result, many opt-in for diverse shortcuts and use a bot to achieve this feat. Unfortunately, while these may increase the number of followers they do not impact the business or brand positively.

Why should you build your Instagram follower base organically?

If you are serious about building your Instagram followers base in a way that will trigger a positive impact on your brand, there is only one sure-fire approach to achieving that, which is growing your Instagram followers organically. To further corroborate this point; let’s examine the available approaches to building your Instagram followers and their potential influences on your brand.

Building your Instagram followers: the available options

Use of Bots

This is likely one of the first pieces of advice you will get from people especially when you feel you need huge followers in a very short time. Here is the problem; you get followers that are not even interested in your business or brand. It may even recruit inactive accounts for you. Of what use are these types of accounts to whatever reasons you requiring huge Instagram followers? Organically built followers will you followers in your niche who will also be active.

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Buying Instagram Accounts

This is another wrong way to grow your Instagram followers. People who buy Instagram account with huge follower’s base do not have their people as followers even if you buy an account in your niche. Followership is not just having them click on “follow”; it’s about connecting with the business or brand. If you don’t have this, that’s a failed Instagram followers’ project and it cannot produce results.

How to gain the trust of your followers + Lasting results

The only way you gain trust with your Instagram followers is when you build organically. Every other method may give you a huge followers’ base but it will be without trust between the followers and the business or brand.

If you intend to build Instagram followers with lasting results, there is no other way than to do it organically. People who use other means eventually lose those followers when the said followers realize a wrong placement in their interest. If you want engaging followers with some level of loyalty, it has to be done organically.

Final thoughts

Although building your Instagram followers may take time, I assure you that it is worth every effort invested because it will not only give you the numbers, it will also you the quality people and engagement you require for your business and brand. That is what matters and that’s what you will get.

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It is important to note there are several techniques anyone can put in place to build Instagram followers organically. If you are finding it hard to do, several platforms are offering such service, with just simple research; you’d find a truckload of them. For instance, Pathsocial.com is one of those platforms emphasizing the need to develop Instagram accounts organically and takes active steps to help individuals achieve that and more.

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