8 Tools use to edit your game videos

It is considerably less intimidating to make a gaming video than it seems. Armed with the right tools and just a little technical expertise, you can craft amazing gaming videos that instantly grab eyeballs. However, to accomplish this, you need the right set of tools to get yourself started for gaming video creation.

Since the advent of the platform, gaming videos have been a mainstay for YouTube, and you undoubtedly dreamed of posting your own gaming content if you were (or are) a player, ever. Wondering which tool editing to use?

For beginners who are not very experienced in video editing finding the best platform for gaming video creation might be a daunting task. To make things easier for you, we have crafted a list of 8 video editing platforms that make the process of gaming video creation a breeze.

8 Gaming Video Creation Tools

Many applications on the list have paid for “Pro” editions also, which give advanced users and experts extra functionality. However, for 90% of you reading this post, free versions should be more than capable to punch more than enough to deal with anything you throw at them. So let’s start with the list.

1. Windows Movie Maker

WMM is charged as a “film maker” although it is frequently edited for gamers. WMM provides most of the basic functions of other game video editing tools that are geared for this purpose.

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You may make (or modify) movies by combining music, pictures, and video together. The program allows you to compress, print, and modify your game clip seamlessly. Even for novice gaming video creators, it is regarded as very simple to utilize.

With WMM, however, you typically need a separate application in order to save your work. One of the major drawbacks of this platform was the freezing issue that many of its users reported widely.

2. Lightworks

Lightworks is considered a “professional level editor” in contrast to WMM. Obviously, it does not automatically imply better video editing for your gaming video. For example, software for professional video editing requires time to learn to utilize it properly.

This typically involves negotiating layers of tabs for finding and performing the actions you desire. And, of course, Lightworks is not free.

The program Lightworks runs on Windows, Linux, or OSX. The program has been tested and assessed by professionals to see how it works when the system is mastered.

3. InVideo

Another excellent online video game editor that you shouldn’t miss is InVideo. It is one of the finest free online gaming video editors.

You may record high-quality videos and beautify them with numerous filters, animations, transition effects, text overlays, pictures, and music to make the ideal game video.

It includes some of the most sophisticated editing functions coupled with a seamless and easy-to-use interface that make it absolutely beginner-friendly.

4. VideoPad

There is a free VideoPad version, but with much fewer features than the paid version. The free version is apparently straightforward to use, including altering timelines or storyboards.

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However, regrettably, the free edition does not provide some features once you have tried them a couple of times. The free version’s capabilities may be compared with WMM and Lightworks’ full-pay versions.

5. AVS Video Editor

This is yet another video editor which provides most of all that other game editors do, but has the additional ability to edit and produce videos with a broad range of visual and audio effects.

Its video quality and a fairly easy-to-use interface have been given particular consideration. The audio and video conversion capabilities deal with the issue of converting data to various formats and burning DVDs. Masking, subpixel precision, and mixing modes are also some of its special features.

6. Shotcut

This software is ideal for converting video and audio snippets into a completed production with broad format compatibility and excellent sound mixing capabilities. It includes lots of audio scopes and a host of visual filters to pick from.

You can cut, remark and scrub without any problems, making this a great free program for video editing games. This software is a fantastic choice for video editing and gaming, with simple UI and support for resolutions of up to 4K.

The software offers video lessons for more assistance when it comes to program functioning, tips, and techniques.

7. Blender

Blender is mainly a 3D creative suite and has the ability to edit video and mix music and a variety of other applications, such as animation and rendering. Users may fully modify their experiences via programming utilizing Blender.

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The sequence editor of this application enables jobs from the viewing of waveforms to video masking, making it one of the market’s finest game editing tools.

There are synchronization and scrubbing settings and speed controls for the finest possible video and audio output in terms of audio. While this is multi-faceted software, it is particularly suitable for gaming.

8. iMovie

iMovie is one of Gamers’ finest video editing software since it is free and straightforward to use. Professional films may be created by utilizing in-room transitions, text templates, and effects.

You can also share your movies straight from iMovie to a number of devices, and work with AirDrop or iCloud on videos across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Because it is usually included with Apple products, you absolutely pay no charge for it if you own a mac.


If you are just beginning your own YouTube gaming channel and are having trouble choosing the appropriate game video editor for your games, our list of some of the top video game editors will definitely assist you. Just pick the one you prefer and start editing your game video immediately!

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