8 Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About

When you organize a wedding, there are dozens of tasks to accomplish, and most of them have to do with providing a unique experience to your guests. But putting much time and effort into every detail of your wedding plans does not necessarily mean it will make better; there are a couple of things no one pay attention to. This article Ship Our Wedding will break down some of the things your guests don’t pay attention to.

8 Things about Wedding

A great way to redistribute your time, energy, and resources is to think about what your guests won’t care about during your wedding. Often, brides are stressing over the smallest details of their wedding, trying to make sure everything is perfect, but if you’ve ever been the guest at someone else’s wedding, you probably didn’t judge every little thing about the wedding. Let’s see what guests don’t pay attention to at your wedding and how you can save money, time, and effort in these things.

  • Wedding Invitations

Let’s be real, invitations are seen once by the guests and immediately discarded or perhaps tossed onto a pile of papers and receipts. No one looks at your invitations; they will not notice the handwritten calligraphy on the envelope, the type of paper you used, or how symmetrical the design is.

Instead, you can opt for a virtual invitation on social media or through email; this is way more comfortable and a great way to save money on your invitations. And if you want physical invitations, there are options on Etsy that you can download for a low price and then print in bulk for all your guests.

  • Printed Programs

It’s completely okay if you want your guests to know what’s going on during your wedding and have some orientation tools for them, but printed programs are something that guests don’t pay attention to. 

It would help to make your wedding program or other info visible to everyone, with a sign or a chalkboard. And if you want it to look personalized, you can always add wedding name monograms to the wall next to it.

  • First Dance Choreography

I’m 100% sure no guest will judge you for not learning an entire choreography for your first dance as a married couple; your guests are here to celebrate your marriage and not to think about how good your first dance was. Let go of fear and dance the night away with your partner.

Don’t worry about making a mistake or stepping on your partner’s foot; your first dance is a beautiful moment of intimacy and significance with your loved one, and every one of your guests will be thrilled to witness it. We believe the most important part of your first dance is to choose a meaningful and sweet song.

  • Wedding Favors

We all love to receive a gift, especially when it is a piece of appreciation from the couple, but to be honest, wedding favors are usually far from acceptable, and those items mainly end up forgotten on the tables.

Think artisanal soaps, weird trinkets, and funny-scented candles, these are all things that one or two guests in your entire guest list will enjoy, and the rest will forget about it and throw it away a few weeks after they realize they don’t have any use for them. So, you can completely forgo the favors.

If you still want to give something meaningful and useful, you can opt for a photo booth; your guests can snap fun pictures and take them home to hang them at a special spot. The printed pictures these photo booths give your guests are gifts they will remember of a time with their friends celebrating your marriage.

  • The Cost of Your Wedding Dress

Unless you are part of the fashion industry or have a list of haute couture attending your wedding, your guests won’t be criticizing the decisions you made regarding your wedding dress. They all care about you enough to show up to your wedding; they will think you look amazing whether you’re wearing a million-dollar dress or a second chance one.

So don’t sweat it. You are not attending the New York Fashion Week. It is your wedding day, make sure you buy a dress you love, which makes you feel like a bride, and suits your budget.

  • Over-the-top Wedding Cake

Yes, everyone loves cake, and it’s a crucial part of every celebration or party. There’s no doubt about it, but your guests rarely appreciate a beautiful and elaborate cake. Your wedding cake is usually at a spot where no one will pay attention to it, and when most people see it, it’s already being sliced and eaten.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a wedding cake, but you surely should opt for a cake that tastes amazing, but that doesn’t necessarily look expensive, which is what normally raises the price of a cake.

  • Pricey Drinks

Not everyone is a drinker, and most importantly, not everyone is a liquor expert or a professional sommelier. Guests will want to have a few drinks and maybe even get drunk, but I can assure you they won’t be thinking about how many years old the wine you served is.

When talking about drinks, you should focus on what’s popular amongst your guests; it could be beer, wine, or maybe fruit cocktails. Don’t try to impress them with old expensive bottles of obscure liquors no one has ever tried before or with strange wines from abroad; have drinks that taste good and will get the party started.

  • Your Performance

Weddings, at their core, are performances, especially for the bride who must present herself in a certain way and act accordingly. But let’s face it, most people nowadays don’t care about wedding etiquette for a bride, and you probably aren’t royalty, so don’t be so pressed about having to put on a perfect show for your guests.

Your guests are your friends and family; they don’t want to see a perfect bride or a peak performance from you; they want to see you getting married to the person you love and share those moments of joy with you. Please don’t be so hard on yourself and remember that this is your celebration. If you need help feel free to visit https://ShipOur.Wedding/Blog & Enjoy it.

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