How Social Media and SEO Can Work Together

Today’s digital climate includes several social media platforms to choose from, which can seem overwhelming – especially for a growing business. Therefore, a company must focus on research throughout all stages of social media marketing to achieve success. However, don’t treat your social media as a separate island from web traffic SEO.

Consider how you can link your business’s social media with web SEO. People not only search for websites, but they also search for content on social media platforms using specific terms or questions.

A company must first research their target audience to find out who they are (i.e., age, profession, gender, etc.), what are the top platforms they use, what type of content clients prefer, and how long they view such content.

Should a company focus on snappy short tweets or have a budget to produce YouTube videos? Many social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, use hashtags which are essentially keywords. Youtube is a hotbed “How To..” videos that answer a question. Increase your video production budget and create engaging videos based on what type of questions people ask online. If a related tweet gets lots of hits, try writing an article around it.

Focus on aggregating digital media talent that creates consistently high-quality and diverse content that will cater to your specific viewers or consumers. Most customers are savvy and will get bored if they see the same image and copy posted on different platforms.

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Research the competition and see what type of content is driving their social media engagement. Find out what keywords or hashtags connect to your competition’s viral content. Social signals, the actions of users on social networks, can help your web page get elevation in search results. When social media users leave likes and comments or click on links leading back to your site, search engines are paying attention.

Other social media factors that impress search engines include:


Content reposted by someone with a large number of followers is a big deal. Just imagine the engine ranking with a repost from Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 318 million Instagram followers.

Active Groups

Your social media manager or team may want to engage users by responding to posts and comments. An active social media site is more likely to have users that will click on your links.


Don’t sleep on your social media widgets. Incorporate them into your web design for easy resharing.


These are links on other websites that go back to a page on your website. If you get a backlink from a high-traffic site, you will have access to that high traffic as well. More backlinks help you rank higher on Google.

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Good SEO will ensure that your great content – web or social- does not disappear like a baseball in space. The world wide web is vast and your business needs a good strategy to be found. If you need help getting your business to rank higher in search, contact Firestarter SEO today.

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