Lighting And Angle Tips For Taking Better Selfies

If you look at your social media feed, there are a few types of pictures you can distinguish. There are the commercial pictures, the food inspo pictures, the pictures of cats and dogs, the party snaps, and, of course, the selfies. Selfies have been a big part of social media for over a decade now and they are here to stay. Sure, there are trends that come and go. A few years ago, everyone was doing a duck face when snapping a selfie-and there was a time when #nomakeup was trending for months. These trends come and go, but if you want to take a selfie that is timeless and beautiful, we’ve got you covered. We will share the best tips for taking better selfies. We will share our secrets on the best angles and how to create a beautiful backdrop and we will tell you why you want to have a ring light clip.

Find Your Angles

There are quite a lot of ways to take a selfie and it is important to experiment to find your perfect angle and the look you are going for. It is important to switch it up now and then to keep your followers intrigued and to keep your feed diverse. Most pictures look best when the camera, with a clip-on ring light, is lifted above your face and slightly tilted. This creates the best lighting and the best angles for your face. From there, you can experiment with angles and looks. Try turning your face slightly to the side or looking straight at the camera to emphasize your face the way you like it. Don’t be afraid to use your hands either. Place your hand on your face or in your hair to mix it up a bit.

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The Best Lighting

Natural light is always a good choice when it comes to taking pictures. It makes your features look good and by using it wisely, you can avoid unwanted shadows and lines. Unfortunately, natural light is not always available. Sometimes you want to take a picture indoors or at nighttime. Luckily you can use a ring light clip for taking great selfies when there isn’t enough natural light. A clip-on ring light is a light made out of LEDs that you clip onto your phone. It is placed around the camera and this way it gives off the best lighting for any picture or video. It doesn’t create shading or lines like some artificial lights tend to do, and it’s really easy to use and to take with you in your bag or pocket.

Choose A Background

To captivate the attention of your followers, it is smart to choose your background carefully. You want to attract attention, but only in a good way. A mirror selfie with smudges on the mirror or a messy room or backdrop really can ruin your feed and reputation. Try finding a colorful background to make your picture pop or use a solid white background to create excellent lighting. Make sure that the background compliments your look and your feed. If you can’t find a wall to take good selfies, you can create your own backdrop by using large sheets of paper or wallpaper. Get creative!

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Use Filters

There is no shame in filters. There is a reason there are so many of them: everybody uses them. Don’t be afraid to try some filters out to find what fits your style and your feed best. But don’t overdo it. Some filters are just too fake and they will make you look less credible and relatable. You can also use an editing app like VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, Afterlight, or Snapseed. This way you can play with the settings and adjust things like lighting, saturation, and colors. You can even hide blemishes and cut the picture to the right size. Filters and editing apps are great tools when you want to do more with your selfies.

Take A Lot Of Selfies

Practice makes perfect. That goes for every skill and for taking selfies too. That is why we encourage you to experiment with taking pictures of yourself. Try different angles, places, and looks to get comfortable in front of the camera and to find your best angles in natural light and with a clip-on ring light. And even when you’ve mastered the art of selfies, make sure to snap a lot of pictures in one session. This way you will always have a lot of photos to choose from and you can definitely find a selfie that will be a success.

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