What is The Relation between Solar Eclipse and Eyes?

You can see different types of solar eclipses once or twice each year as it’s a common phenomenon. No matter what is the type and duration of the solar eclipse, people usually get excited to see that, especially when it’s a total or rare eclipse.

Anyway, people always get so much enthusiastic to witness those that some of them run to watch that without wearing any protecting glass. Now you may ask that if you can watch the solar eclipse without protection or not; moreover, you will know if there are any harmful effects of this or not.

What Happens During a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse that occurs is when the moon’s shadow over the sun while daylight; no matter how much sun the shadow covers, the other uncovered part secrets rays. The UV rays have highly reactive characteristics and that can be harmful to organs.

Anyway, when the moon comes to align with the earth and Sun, the shadow will be proceeding and covering the sun. The solar eclipse will reach its peak after some hours; then you will see the shadow slowly passing.

However, a solar eclipse is not the best or worst thing, you can find some difference in gravity sometimes.

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Can You Watch the Solar Eclipse Bare Eyes?

You may sometimes get confused between the solar and lunar eclipse because it is safe and allowed to watch that at night with naked eyes. But you shouldn’t mix the lunar and solar eclipse because you may watch the previous one with bare eyes. After all, the moon has no light of its own.

As a result, it doesn’t contain any harmful rays for the eyes that can damage the nerves or your eyesight. On the other hand, any solar ray is harmful to the retina and the nerves, cells; the condition is called retinol burn. That means the retinal particle that is located on the backside of your eyes.

That indicates the fact that a solar eclipse is harmful to the eyes and you shouldn’t be watching a solar eclipse without wearing anything on your eyes.

What Happens if You Watch Solar Eclipse with Naked Eyes?

As you already found that solar eclipse is harmful to people’s eyes, but do you know how does the eclipse affect the eyes? Anyway, let’s see what conditions you can have if you anyhow watch a solar eclipse naked eyes.

  1. First of all, most people face sun blindness or eclipse blindness. That is temporary because the viewer may face blindness or vision problems for a short time right after you watched that. If you treat that condition right away without wasting time, you can get saved.
  2. If you’re lucky enough, and you haven’t watched the solar eclipse bare eyes for a long time, you may not experience blindness, but you can have a burning sensation and a headache due to its interruption in nerves.
  3. Some unfortunate people can have permanent blindness that is pretty difficult to recover because of some of the nerves that are connected to the eyes. However, the nerves connected to the retina can sometimes severely damage that can cause permanent loss of eyesight.
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Now you know that how severe the outcome you can have is if you neglect the fact and keep watching solar eclipse bare eyes; it’s not the same case with lunar one. Now you may think that if you should avoid watching eclipses, or what ways you can follow to have a safe view of the solar eclipse.

You can take a black sunglass that blocks the harmful rays of the sun from getting to your eyes; you can also take thick items that resist the extra lights to touch your eyes. Next, you can put or hang something that covers the sunlight well and protects your eyes.


Now that you know the relationship between solar eclipse and eyes besides the effects of watching the incident with naked eyes, I hope you won.t do that. As a person, you must be conscious about such things, avoid which you shouldn’t do, and make others aware.

You must monitor the kids around you during the occurrence of the solar eclipse because it is possible that the kids didn’t understand, and they want to watch the thing without wearing protective glasses.

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