How to Check your Content Plagiarism to avoid a Penalty in Google Rankings?

Every content writer and blogger wants their website to rank on top SERPs. The reason is simple: They want to do handsome business and expedite their finances.

Plagiarism stands like a concrete wall and impedes their growth to become financially viable. It often roams inside their mind like constant pain and they put deliberate efforts to get away with it.

If you get a chance to read the top-ranked blogs on Google, you will come to know that each high-ranking article is somewhat different from the other. 

The thing which increases their value is the amount of uniqueness in it. 

Content writers take enormous pains to jot down a properly researched, and unique article free from plagiarism so that it ranks on top pages conveniently.

Check your Content Plagiarism

So, we deduce from these facts that high ranking is conditional to check plagiarism. If you are interested in the subject then read this article to full length.

Is content really the king?

There is much fuss around this word and many sane people have argued; are continuously debating about the topic. 

The simple answer that should stop wrangling is that content is still the king and will remain so until some unexpected happens that change the whole internet upside-down.

Some basic reasons the sets the throne of content deals with its readability, research, engagement, and uniqueness.

Plagiarism free content controls the steering wheel of the whole online strategy for your business. 

So, your goal should be to create an exceptional piece of content every time you sit down to write something for the internet.

How plagiarism-free content is useful?

Unique content is not pervasive as you can see millions of web pages containing the same copied content that neither invokes interest in readers or creates impactful Seo.

Hence, such content lacks distinctiveness and lags behind the race of online competition. 

On the other hand, unique content easily ranks because it is well researched and entices the readers to read and share among others. 

Thus, it is very good for content marketing, as it helps to develop a trusted readership, creating a well-calibrated inbound marketing strategy.

In this way, it saves a content writer from both sides; from the readers as well as a search engine. 

Big companies possess more marketing potential as they can put more money to market their products. 

Therefore, you as a mere blogger can’t compete with their resources, but writing unique content can help you outwit their content strategies. 

Hence, you can secure a better position by writing plagiarism-free content.

Can you get a penalty from Google for content duplication?

We have discussed the benefits of unique content thoroughly. Let’s discuss the harms of copied content.

On the flip-side, plagiarized content decreases your ranking, reduces your visibility. You may even get a penalty from Google.

Google has a certain way to detect and rank copied content. It combines such content into a lump and selects only the best-written article. 

Therefore chances of selection of your copied are bleak because your content isn’t original and is only a rephrased form of someone’s content.

Google is becoming smart as they are updating their algorithms each day. People say that they do minor changes a thousand times in a year. 

Some of them aren’t impactful, whilst others affect the previous Seo strategies.

Google has updated several times to impede the growth of copied content on the internet. Some of the prominent updates are given below:

Panda update released in 2011 and permanently embedded in algorithms in 2016, changed the ranking milieus once and for all. It focuses on your content quality for that matter and issues a quality score. 

If you try to rank based on your low-quality of plagiarized content, Google will stop you from doing this and you may get a Panda penalty. Therefore you may lose your traffic and ranking if you get a penalty.

Google’s RankBrain is a part of the HummingBird algorithm rolled out in 2013. This update changes the Seo as it takes care of the user search intent and relevancy.

It is based on NLP and allocates Latent Semantic indexing keywords instead of the old keyword strategy. 

Thus it promotes those websites that use a wide range of synonymous keywords and content that overall provide unique and in-depth content. 

Moreover, Google’s Spam Head, Matt Cutts says that Plagiarism isn’t spamming, but Google can penalize your content if you are using it to manipulate ranking.

So, this update has a downside for you because you are copying someone’s content. Hence, you need to be creative to make your content rankable on Google, otherwise, your content creation is doomed to fail.

Thus to get rid of these penalties, you need to create well-researched content and use a plagiarism checker from time to time.

How you can check for plagiarized content in your text?

You can check for similar content in many ways. The first thing you have to do is to search for the related titles and read the content others have written. You will intuitively know if you have copied some content from someone.

But it is a very time-consuming task as you cant read all the content even if you read it the whole day. Hence you can’t know exactly from how many websites you have plagiarized your content.

On the other hand, to make your checking more compact and precise, you can use a plagiarism checker that gives your swift results and even the sources of copied content.

Wrapping it up:

Professional bloggers are wary of the adverse effects of plagiarism. They often come across writer’s block when they get stuck as they can’t produce valuable content. 

In that case, they may unknowingly copy content. But, it deeply affects their ranking and in turn, their business, because Google levies harsh penalties for similar content.

In contrast, unique content has multiferous benefits. It not only ranks the website but also gets the reader’s attention.

So, being a content writer you avoid similar content at any cost. For this purpose, you can use different tools and strategies.

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