The 7 Instagram Tips For Businesses

1. A Well Written Bio

Did you know that it only takes a few seconds for someone to have an opinion about your brand? On the other hand, the first impression is important. This is why having a well-thought-out Instagram profile and bio is paramount.

Furthermore, what is in your bio plays a role in determining the actions your audience will take the moment they have landed on your profile. It could make them follow you, view more content, or click the back-link to the website.

Keep in mind that your Instagram bio should do the following: –

• Appeal to your audience

• Talk about your business in summary, what you do, and the services you offer

• Relay your brand voice and tone to instantly connect with the audience

2. Include Backlinks And Links

To drive traffic to your website or any relevant page, it would be beneficial to use links. This is known as a backlink. You can take advantage of creating special pages that you would link to your Instagram profile. This can be relevant pieces or campaign-specific content.

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3. Create an Instagram Business profile, – it’s not the same as a personal profile

Instagram has business geared tools designed to help companies understand their followers and grow their business. This is similar to LinkedIn or Facebook. All of them allow for both business and personal profile options. Remember, converting or creating a business profile, you will have to include additional information about the business. You will have to include details such as email address, phone number, and physical business address.

4. Impactful Profile Images

The image you use in your business Instagram account must have an impact and describe what you do best. Your audience must be in a position to reorganize you easily whenever they visit your business on Instagram. As such, for a business, it means choosing one of the following options:

• Business logo

• Image about your primary service or product

• Business logo-mark

5. Set Promotional Goals

Anytime you are using any of the marketing platforms like Instagram, it is paramount to set marketing goals. Below are a few goal examples brands and marketing teams set for their Instagram presence: –

• Build your audience, you can do this when you buy Instagram followers

• Sell your product or services

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• Explain your company values and culture

• Increase brand awareness

• Share business news and updates

6. Pay Close Attention to Your Color Palette

It is wise to always be consistent in the design of what you post. This is why it is important to use corporate brand colors and keep the picture to a distinct style. Remember, your Instagram should be an extended platform for your business. This is no different to your signage, adverts, or website. Always be consistent. The same applies to the font.

7. Take Advantage of Captions

Captions carry your message, and search engines like Google like to use them. You can use captions to share your story and act as micro-blogging. It is important to use short, attention-grabbing headlines posts.

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