5 Word Puzzles You Can Play That Will Widen Your Vocabulary

Word puzzles have been shown to produce several highly beneficial effects for adults and children alike, from improved memory and vocabulary skills, reduced stress levels, and even better performance at school or work. No, we’re not trying to manipulate you into doing something stupidly easy. We’re trying to help you get smarter.

Perhaps this is a tad dramatic, but it seems to make sense when looking at the facts. Research has shown that children who take part in activities related to word puzzles are rewarded with an increase in long-term memory and performance of motor skills, as well as a higher IQ level than others who do not participate in such activities.

Here are some word puzzle games you should try

5 Jumbled Sentences

This game is for a small group of people, about 5-6 players, who are sitting around a table in one large circle. The goal is to jumble sentences together using the verbs only so that they make complete sentences but have no meaning. The game starts with the first person saying something like: “I want to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” and then each other player has to make up an answer that doesn’t include any form of the word “I” or “want”.

Someone might make up something like: “How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” The next person has to make up a sentence that jumbles the first sentence but still makes sense. For example, they would say “I want to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” It continues around the circle until everyone thinks they have made some funny sentences. Each person then has to share their sentences with the others at the table, who will vote on the best sentences. The person who comes up with the most humorous sentence wins for that round and then becomes person number one for the next round.

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Rhyming Words

Rhyming Words is a game that lets you test your knowledge of words that rhyme. It contains a free, ever-expanding vocabulary of two thousand words with their corresponding definitions and tips on how to use them in sentences. The game has been designed for people who want to improve their English vocabulary or to test themselves in general knowledge.

It contains a free, ever-expanding vocabulary of two thousand words with their corresponding definitions and tips on how to use them in sentences.

The game has been designed for people who want to improve their English vocabulary or to test themselves in general knowledge. Rhyming Words start easy but as the levels grow you will need to think harder and give multiple answers before reaching a correct answer. Each level is more difficult than the last. The game also has customizable features so that you can personalize your own experience; choose a theme and set the number of words for each level.

The first steps to playing this game are: Easily navigate through the interface; Choose a level; Give your answers; Get points if you’re right or lose them if you’re wrong.

Dictionary Word

This is a word puzzle that can be played in three ways: by yourself, with two players, or with four players. The only materials needed are a dictionary and pencils. For one player, the goal is to form words from ten letters picked at random from the dictionary; for two players it’s to find as many words as possible in five minutes; for four players it’s to make twenty words as quickly as possible. Here’s how it works:

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Three players decide who will be the reader, who will be the writer, and who will be the scorekeeper. The scorekeeper gets a supply of pieces of paper; one for each player and one for each word they make. The other two players search through a dictionary (the bigger the better) until they find ten letters. Then they place the letters on a piece of scrap paper and hand it to the reader.

The reader reads the letters once and then reads them aloud again but this time a little faster. If a player can think of a word, he tells the reader immediately. If not, he waits until the reader has finished reading and then places his piece of paper in front of him on the table. The scorekeeper records it by writing down the word, his or her name, and how many points it is worth.

The game continues until one person has filled up all fifteen spaces on their sheet with words and wins.

Word Scramble

The Word Scramble game is a simple, but fun word game created by VividSeas. The goal of the game is to find as many words as you can that are spelled with the same letter. For example, if you uncovered “bake”, “bagel”, and “bag” with all three being spelled with b, then it would be fair to say that this word would be found under the letters B-A-G.

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This makes for a rather challenging game, as there can be multiple words that all use the same letter. The game is played by first selecting one of three categories: Simple, Challenge, or Marathon. Within these categories are many different themes to choose from including Ancient Words, Nature words, Love Words, and many more. After you choose a category and theme you are shown a board with 6×6 spaces.

Each of these spaces is covered by a letter, no spaces are left blank. Some letters will have multiple words that use that letter. The goal is to uncover the largest number of words possible using the letter in the space. The game ends when you run out of either time or if there are no more words with that letter remaining to be uncovered. To uncover a word you click on it and it will then be revealed to you and added to your score. When all words have been uncovered or there is no time left, you are shown your final score. There is no time limit on the categories of Simple and Challenge, but if you choose Marathon the time limit will gradually increase as the game goes on.

The game has been praised for its ease of use and difficulty, which makes it a great game for all ages.

Visit www.wordplays.com for more entertaining games to help build your vocabulary.


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