CoD Modern Warfare: 10 Tips to up Your Game

CoD Modern Warfare: 10 Tips to up Your Game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most popular first-person shooter video games out there. With its fast-paced action, wide array of weapons and gear to unlock, and intense multiplayer modes, there’s a lot to master if you want to up your game. Here are 10 tips to help you boost your performance and dominate the opposition in Modern Warfare:

1. Fine-tune your settings –

One of the most important things you can do to up your game in Modern Warfare is to fine-tune your controller and graphics settings. This allows you to optimize the controls and performance to suit your preferences and playstyle. Here are some key settings to focus on:

· Controller sensitivity – This determines how quickly you turn when moving the analog sticks. Find your optimal sensitivity that allows quick reactions but maintains accuracy. Higher isn’t necessarily better.

· Button layout – There are a few different controller layout presets but you can also fully customize button assignments. Set up your buttons in a way that makes abilities easily accessible.

· Response curve type – This changes how your aim responds to stick movement. Try different curves until one feels natural. Linear, standard, dynamic offer different acceleration.

· Field of view (FOV) – Increase FOV to see more peripheral area. Can aid awareness but may impact frame rate. Find a balance that works for you.

· Display resolution – Higher resolutions like 1440p or 4K will look sharper but hit performance. Balance visuals and frame rate.

· Frame rate cap – Uncap for highest frame rates or cap at monitor’s refresh rate for smoother gameplay. Test both.

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· Motion blur, film grain, depth of field – Turn these off for maximum visibility and awareness in hectic firefights.

Really dialing in these controller, display and performance settings for your setup will give you an edge in Modern Warfare’s frenetic multiplayer. The right settings can help you react quicker, aim more precisely, and see enemies sooner. Take the time to finely tune Modern Warfare until it feels just right.

2. Learn the maps – Study the maps and learn common paths, chokepoints, lines of sight, high-traffic areas, and places for cover. This knowledge will help you navigate confidently, get the drop on enemies, and control important areas. Pay attention to how maps flow as matches progress.

3. Master the minimap – Check your minimap often for enemy locations and insights on spawn positions. Learn how to read its information to track enemy movements and predict behavior. A good minimap sense will greatly boost your situational awareness.

4. Pre-aim and snap your shots – Aiming down sights before going around corners or entering high-traffic areas will help you get the first shot. Snap or flick your aim precisely onto targets instead of spraying and praying. Precision aiming takes practice but is a key skill.

5. Make your load-outs complement your style –

With the huge variety of primary and secondary weapons, lethal and tactical equipment, perks, and attachments in Modern Warfare, you have tons of options for customizing your load-outs. Tailor your load-outs to complement and optimize your personal playstyle and strengths. Here are some examples:

· Run ‘n Gun Loadout – Equip an SMG or shotgun with mobility-enhancing attachments and perks like Lightweight and Dexterity. Add C4 for flushing out campers and a smoke grenade for cover when rushing.

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· Long Range Loadout – Pick a high-powered AR or sniper rifle and use attachments that improve stability and accuracy over distance like longer barrels and grips. Use Ghost and Cold-Blooded to stay hidden.

· Stealth Loadout – Silencers, suppressed pistols, smoke grenades, snapshots, Ghost, Cold-Blooded and Tracker help you flank undetected and catch enemies by surprise.

· Anti-Vehicle Loadout – Pick launchers like RPGs and PILAs to quickly destroy enemy vehicles and equipment. Use Amped to swap weapons faster and Spotter to target equipment.

· Support Loadout – Provide UAVs, counter UAVs, care packages and ammo crates for your teammates. Run Hardline for bonus scorestreak perks and tune your weapons for range and control.

You don’t have to rigidly stick to a single style, but having a few customized loadouts tailored to your strengths will give you options to adapt to changing match dynamics and maps. Experiment to find the guns, attachments, equipment and perks that best fit how you like to play.

6. Play the objective – Pay attention to match objectives in different modes. Don’t just chase kills. PTFO (play the objective) to help your team win. Escort the payload, capture hardpoints, plant/defuse bombs, etc. Objectives win matches, not just kills.

7. Communicate and work as a team – Call out enemy locations, discuss tactics, and coordinate your attacks. Teamwork is powerful in Modern Warfare. A communicating squad working together will almost always beat a lone wolf.

8. Exploit the mechanics – Learn and utilize mechanics like slide canceling, bunny hopping, jump shots, drop shots, etc. They may feel unnatural at first but make you much harder to hit and track. Practice these moves and work them into your rushing and gunfights.

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9. Adjust your strategy – If something isn’t working, change it up. Getting repeatedly killed by a sniper? Flank and take them out or use smoke grenades for cover. Getting ambushed in close quarters? Switch to a shotgun and clear rooms methodically. Be adaptable.

10. Practice, practice, practice – Improve your skills and reflexes by practicing against AI bots. Set up custom matches with varied, skilled bot difficulties. Focus on aim training, map knowledge, reaction time, etc. Solid fundamentals will make you more effective in actual multiplayer.

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Using these tips, you can refine your playstyle, improve your capabilities, and maximize your performance in Modern Warfare’s frenetic multiplayer modes. With the right settings, map knowledge, skills, loadouts and teamwork, you’ll be dropping high killstreaks and dominating matches in no time. Stay adaptable, keep practicing, and have fun upping your game!


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