How to Install Clash of Clans on Windows PC? (No Bluestacks)

Want to enjoy your favorite game on your computer?

There’s no doubt that over 100 million people play Clash of Clans every single day. You’re one of them and here’s a guide on how to install Clash of Clans on Nox Emulator.

There are many ways of running Android OS on your PC. Here, we will be focusing on the Nox Emulator as many people find Bluestacks to be annoying in certain ways. Also check out how to Download Aptoide app.

I have already written on how you can get SHAREit for Windows which used Bluestacks which can also be used to play games.

Clash of Clans

For instance, you need a GPU supporting OpenGL 4.0 which most GPU’s in the market do, but most old Intel Graphics Chips don’t work. To be honest, this is an essential for running even Nox App Player.

However, the Nox Emulator is feature-packed and is a well-refined version of Bluestacks which provides many more features like “pre-rooted emulator” and “Fake GPS” which helps a lot.


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How to Install Clash of Clans on Windows?

To install Clash of Clans on your Windows computer, you need to use an emulator or a virtual system. Let’s not dig into the hard method and focus on using Nox which is a free emulator which is, in my choice, the best so far.

This is the step-by-step guide to download, install and setup Nox Emulator for playing Clash of Clans.


Download & Install Nox App Player

Go to and click on the big download button. This will automatically start to download the setup file for Nox which is around 290 MB in size.

For me, it took less than 5 minutes to finish downloading. However, this totally depends on your Internet speed and the plan you purchased from your network provider.

Now to install the emulator:

Find the Nox setup file in your download’s folder and open the installer. A new window will appear which will let you install the software on your computer.

The steps are very simple, all you need to do is click on “I agree” to the Terms of Agreements and click “next” to finish off the installation.  This is going to less a few minutes!

Once installed, you need to follow the next steps which is to setup the emulator and download and install Clash of Clans.


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Setup Nox App Player

It’s time to setup the virtual Android device that you have installed on your Windows PC. Once the installation is done, you need to do some things.

You have to login to your Google account through Nox App Player to use services like Google Play Store and Play Services which is very much needed for playing Clash of Clans on your Windows computer and also downloading apps.

When you’re prompt to login to your account, simply login just like you do while setting up an actual Android device.

There’s no special settings required for playing Clash of Clans which is a bonus. All you need to do is – install and play.


Install Clash of Clans

The very next step is crucial but super simple. Just open Google Play Store from your home’s shortcuts and search for “Clash of Clans”.

You will find the official Clash of Clans game from Supercell. Just tap on the first result from the search results and install the game. You can also try the Clash of Clans Lights APK.

When you’re asked to allow the installation and the app permissions, just tap on “Install”. Once you have done that, your installation will start automatically.

Once the installation is done, you can proceed to the next step.


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Open and Play Clash of Clans

Once you have installed Clash of Clans on your Windows PC, you can open the game to start playing. However, there are some certain things you need to do.

For example, if you already play Clash of Clans, you have an account where you have reached some Town Hall levels. You can login to your current village when it says “Already have a village?” while showing the intro of the game.



This is how easy it is to install Clash of Clans on Windows. This is going to work for all sorts of Android games and you can even play some games like Mini Militia using your keyboard and mouse which is absolutely dope.

If you’re iOS user, you could still use this and transfer your Clash of Clans village on Android (using Nox) which is pretty simple. The account will be synced so there’s no issues whatsoever.

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