Best Free File Converter you can try out right now

How a file is saved and encrypted tells you what you can do with and what applications you can use to open it via the file extension. It can be viewed as a language that only some programs understand it. At any given point in time, you may have to convert it into a different format. For example, a document that you typed on your macOS Word probably won’t be accessible on a Windows 10 computer. So you might have to use a format changer to make this task easier for you. We have some tips and guides for you so you never get confused about file conversion again.

  • Check your applications

Usually, the program you are using on your computer will have a built in file converter and will probably let you save your file in whatever format you want. For instance, when using Microsoft Word, you can save a file in PDF format, plain text, etc. When it comes to exporting an image through File and Export on a MacOS, you have options of choosing between JPEG, PNG and other formats.

  • Videos

Video formatting is probably the hardest file conversion out there but there are so many format changers that make this task easy for you. There are software like VLC and Handbrake that can convert a video file into any possible, from MPEG-4 to MKV, you just have to name them. With these programs you can even add subtitles or chapter markers in the files, and convert multiple files at once in a matter of seconds.

  • Pictures
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For converting pictures there are even more free programs out there on the internet for you to choose from. With these you can resize the pictures, edit them, add some text and so much more while converting them into a different format. You will also be able to change a whole batch of images at once.

  • Audios

There are number of software out there like fre:ac that let you convert audio from FLAC to MP4. And along with that you get to tweak the audio settings as well. You can choose the types of quality you want your audio file to be as well. It’s as simple as dragging your file and choosing the format you want, and within seconds your newly formatted file is available for use.

  • Documents

Documents are the simplest and easy to convert compared to audio files and video files. Your computer whether it is an Apple Mac or Windows will have some built in file converting software like Microsoft Office and Apple iWork. If you don’t find these easy to use, then you can browse through the free programs available online like Doxillion Document Converter Software that support an array of formats like HTML and PDF etc. These programs tend to have a very easy to use interface and with a couple of clicks you will have your document in the formatting of your choice.

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