EditorJi- The First AI based news App review

Editorji Started by media Veteran Vikram Chandraeditorji is a tech app backed by the latest AI technology. Known for his tech reviews and insight Vikram decided to part ways with NDTV as their CEO after nearly spending thee decades with them. With a vision to change and create a new ecosystem, Vikram launched editorji as an easy to use and access television news platform, that can create a personalised news playlist as per your preferences. A one-tap access to customised video newscasts and will also allow individuals and organisations to create their own newscasts on the fly.

The App has been developed and is one of its kind as it is an AI based News app which adapts to your Behaviour through Machine-Learning and displays the News according to your choices and preferences.


The App offers a perfect blend of AI power and human efforts that not only helps in providing great Quality content throughout but also, people can actually watch the news in the form of short videos, Audio or in the form of short Texts, whichever you might prefer more, be it of any category from Nation, Viral, Technology, and Many more.

The app has been developed by Vikram Chandra and by a team of dedicated and hard working people over a period of 18 Months from being just an idea to over a Standalone app to leave a mark among its competitor news apps.

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The feature about this app is that, There are pre-built playlists on categories where you can just play them and the short videos that are about 15-20 secs long start playing. You can also edit the pre-built playlists which can be edited and the News videos can be removed and placed order wise according to your wish. The current news languages available are only Hindi and English as of now and we can see an expansion in other languages as well. This would not only make the app more accessible to other People who don’t understand Hindi or English.

The main highlight of this app which caught our eye was the option  of creating a new Editorji Editorjiplaylist you can actually add news videos of your own choice, Record your personal opinion on them(they are hosted only for a month on the platform) and share your playlist which can be viewed by other users of the app. It will broadcast the news and you can freely express your opinion about the current news as per your wish.




The App features a bunch of Unique features which definitely make it stand out from the other apps and will leave a lasting impression on users making them to come back for more news in the later part of the day.

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The App is pretty easy to use and convenient to set up. The welcome screen lets you choose the Categories from which you’d like to see news from and are displayed on the main homepage of the app.


Conclusion of Editorji

Editorji will create a revolution in news app industry if it is adopted by the users well because in a fast paced life like today, Nobody has the time to read the lengthy articles whereas want some quick short bites on the news and the App Editorji checks all the right boxes. The Text news is somewhat similar to other apps but wouldn’t pose to be a threat to other apps because editorji stands on a whole new different level.

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