While the deadly coronavirus is rapidly spreading across the globe, most countries are enforcing social distancing. Many have suggested that children and young adults remove the ‘anti-social’ aspect of social distancing by launching their own game server to play with friends.

Many have recommended visiting websites like Best Game Hosting in order to compare the right hosting providers and the benefits of each. The website helps you find the best game server hosting providers. It filters them by price, performance of server location and much more.

You can look at all their guides and reviews to make sure your children, or yourself have the best price to play with their siblings, friends or start the next big server.

The website also offers a wide range of reviews to make sure you’re getting everything perfect, for example, look at their minecraft server hosting comparison review.

Coronavirus cases have surged in the recent weeks with hundreds of thousands of cases a week and globally reaching 1.2m. Everything needs to be done to halt the spread of the killer virus. A method of being social while not contacting is game servers.

You can get a game server for as low as $15pcm (£12) – Which can hold over 30 players with 1.5GB ram which will handle you and your friends fine.

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You can save plenty of money while looking at Best Game Hosting, they clearly spend hours and hours maintaining their lists. They said on their ‘About us’ page they can’t automate any of the aspects due to having no API on these hosting providers for prices and features.

Right now, you’ll want to use one of the game server hosting providers since many hosting providers are having issues due to the large load online since the outbreak precautions.

But if you’re hosting a very large server, we’d recommend you use a dedicated server and host it yourself, you can do this on something like HostGator or GoDaddy.


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