How to Develop a Taxi App?

How to Develop a Taxi App

Starting a business in the taxi industry is very competitive as the market and niche are highly competitive. Uber-like apps have revolutionized the taxi app development industries, and many have started in investing and adopting the strategies for profitable revenue.

Let me enlighten you about how to develop a taxi app like uber effectively and how you can gain maximum market share in this field.

Now, Do you want to enter the growing taxi booking industry? Then continue reading the article!

Why Should You Develop a Taxi App?

The market for taxi booking software is rapidly growing from the past few years. And undoubtedly, Uber is a market leader who serves as the powerhouse in the transportation industry despite its shortcomings. The global market value of Uber is $72 billion. That’s astounding.

  • As per the reports from Statista, Uber has generated $12 billion bookings in its recent quarters.
  • Uber takes 40 million trips per month in the United States.
  • The taxi revenues are expected to reach 2.81 billion dollars by 2020 in the US.
  • Three million people are driving for Uber.
  • Around the world, there are 75 million active Uber riders.

It all happened because Uber decided to penetrate all the markets and launch in the cities. To arrive at the conclusion we can say that the taxi industry is going to grow sky high in a few years and also the demand for taxi-hailing mobile apps will increase.

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How to Build a Taxi App With Taxi Booking Software?

You can quickly get an advanced app like uber Clone or Lyft clone in both Android as well as iOS easily with taxi booking software. All you have to do is select the most efficient Uber Clone scripts provider by your in-depth research.

Steps to develop a taxi app-

  1. Find your niche in the taxi app development market with low competition.
  2. Gather all the information, conduct technical and practical research finding improvements that can be brought into your app.
  3. Create and specify all the product functionalities you need and what architecture and tech stack to be used.
  4. Choose the perfect app design according to your preferred niche and requirements.
  5. Customize the app for a better user experience.
  6. Now, without coding, add your preferred and researched features.
  7. You can either beta test your app in a small area or publish it globally to ensure that it runs properly.

How Many Does it Cost to Build a Taxi App?

To develop a basic taxi app that might differ depending upon the development and features you want to employ, it can cost around $4000 to $10,000. But it will cost more if you’re going to include many features in which the popular taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, Hailo, Smart Car, GrabTaxi seem to use.

How Does the Taxi App Work?

First of all, to use the app, passengers need to register their accounts with the service providers.

  • Now, to search the cab, open the application, you will be exposed to a lot of cabs that are available in the nearby area.
  • Now the GPS in the app will actively track the current location of the user. Here, at the core of taxi app development, it works with the UI that simplifies the users tasks.
  • After the passenger generates a request to get the taxi service from the app, users must tap the ‘book a ride’ option, and this action will prompt the cab driver to accept the request.
  • Once it’s accepted by the driver, the user will be notified of the time of arrival of the cab along with the location of the driver.
  • Upon the completion of the ride, the user will give their token of feedback by rating the experience.
  • These ratings, in turn, help other passengers to know more about the driver.
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This was all about the passenger’s side of the app; now, the driver dashboard is pretty impressive. Drivers will be given a unique account that displays rides, earnings, and profits. Also, the distance traveled will be measured as well.

Ratings are significant where, the dashboard also reflet it from other riders.

  • Upon the completion of the ride, drivers are entitled to receive payments that can be in the form of cash, in-app e-wallet, internet banking, credit or debit cards, and other modes of payment.
  • First of all, the application for the driver comes with GPS enabled maps that can share the location.
  • Ater, the passenger’s request for the ride, the driver’s details, car model, car number, and the driver’s ratings will be sent to the passenger.
  • There is a chat option if the prospective passenger wishes to convey their drop off and pick up location details.

What is the revenue model for Uber like a taxi booking software app?

Uber-like business uses two sources of toe money, they are-

  1. Receives a commission from the drivers.
  2. By conducting marketing campaigns with other buisness.

The commission from the drivers may vary between 20- 25% of the total ride cost. Cancellation fees also come into the picture if a rider suddenly cancels the ride.

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The third-party promotional and advertising tactics help uber-like apps make more money. Uber has partnerships with famous brands like Hilton, Pepsi, Spotify, and others.

All In All

Despite the global market share of Uber and other famous apps, there is still a huge place for innovation in the taxi industry. If you perfect;y use the taxi app development guideline, I’m sure you can create a unique selling proposition for your app in the market.

Just plan, market your efforts to achieve the business goals. And of course, choose the Uber clone scripts, which are economical and save costs.


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