Top Web Hosting Companies for Under $10 Per Month

People often have trouble determining where to host their websites when they first launch their online businesses. Some hosting providers are expensive, while others are cheap. Among the less expensive companies, there are some options that are better than others. To keep costs down, hosting companies must limit resources. This could be done by using less powerful hardware, or by sharing resources among many websites. The more websites there are, and the fewer resources available, the slower the websites will load or run. If the server is overloaded, then the result is that the websites may not load at all during peak times, and users will get frequent error messages. It’s hard to know which hosting companies will provide an affordable service that also works well. Fortunately, we’ve tested a number of hosting companies, and curated a list of several of them that offer good web hosting for under $10 per month. You can also contact this web hoster for further guidance.


One of the lesser-known hosting companies on this list is InterServer. Despite being less popular than the other options, it provides an excellent service for under $10 per month. Plans start at about $5 per month and they offer several options including Standard,, Boost, and Reseller hosting. Features include CPanel, ecommerce hosting, a free website builder, and cloud apps. Cloud VPS accounts start at $6 per month for one core and 2gb of memory, and can be expanded in $6 increments. However, while all of these perks are valuable, they are irrelevant if the server is overloaded, and that’s where InterServer shines. There are ample resources for average websites, even at the most basic level of hosting. Then, when you’re ready to upgrade, it’s easy and fast.

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This is one of the most popular web hosting companies, and for good reason. Their plans start at $7.99 per month, with frequent specials below $4 per month. To entice new subscribers, they offer free domain hosting for the first year, and make SSL set-up simple. BlueHost specializes in WordPress hosting, so tech support is generally top-notch for websites on that platform. They include 24/7 support, as well as a money-back guarantee. This applies to each of their plans, which include shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. However, the VPS plan starts at about $20 per month, and dedicated servers are regularly $119.99 per month, with specials starting around $80.


This company has a startup plan at $2.99 per month, though you must prepay to get that pricing. At that rate, you get one website and 100gb of storage space. It’s a basic plan, but for a few dollars more per month, you can host unlimited websites. They also offer free and easy site migration from other hosting companies and a money-back guarantee. Their most popular plan comes in at just under ten dollars, at $9.99 per month. Called the Turbo Boost plan, it is touted to be 20x faster than their entry-level plan. As with the other hosting companies on this list, they offer 24/7 support.

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Hostinger made the list not only because they’re a great company, but because they have hosting plans starting at 99 cents per month. At that price, you get a very basic setup for one website, but it’s enough to get started. With prices starting so low, it’s better to start with one of their other plans. The next step up is their premium shared hosting plan, which includes 20gb of storage and up to 100 websites. The next step up is business shared hosting, which includes more database power. For customers who need more power than a shared plan, Hostinger offers cloud hosting, and VPS plans on Linux and Windows.


Another popular company is SiteGround. They make website setup easy, with hosting plans categorized by use, including WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting plans. They also offer reseller and enterprise plans for users who need more power, or who want to start their own web hosting companies. The beauty of SiteGround is their network of international datacenters in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This redundancy, in addition to Cloudflare CDN makes their websites super-fast for the money. Plus, the benefits don’t stop with fast connectivity and low latency. They advertise their hosting accounts as environmentally friendly, particularly those stored on Google’s network, with carbon-neutral energy usage.

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Choose a Hosting Plan and Get Started

It’s good to familiarize yourself with the nuances of each company. Read more reviews, and study their setups before making a decision. These are cheap web hosting plans, but they provide a lot of value. And, you can’t go wrong if you choose any of these companies. Just pick a plan that meets your needs, and get your website launched. Sometimes, the hardest part is just getting started.


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