Best WiFi hacking app for iPhone [2020]

A Normal person might not require the use of WiFi hacking app for iPhone. A power user or you can say is a person who loves to test things out or work on tweaks that help him maximize the potential of their device. Let’s see and study in detail about the Best WiFi hacking app for iPhone.

How much Internet does a Person require?

The Internet is now one of the basic needs of people in the past few years. Be it work, study, entertainment, or socialization, the Internet has found its way into causing addiction in people from all age groups. There used to be the time when the Internet was expensive, and people who had easy access to it were rare. But now, it’s everywhere in a wide range of options.

Although the Internet has become extremely affordable, the free Internet is still somehow a delight. And apart from quantity, the quality of the network has also mattered more than ever. Everyone wants internet speed to be very high. And sometimes, the reason behind going after WiFi networks instead of using your mobile data is the want for more speed. No matter how much of your daily data you still have left with you, you know you will never turn down free WiFi. Hotels, Restaurants, shopping malls, stations, and every other place you can name advertise free WiFi. Also, If you like mobile security apps then you should try Avast mobile security pro apk full version free for Android.

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WiFi – So near yet so far

At each point of time, there are a lot of options of WiFi networks that our devices commonly detect in the useful range. But again, these WiFi connections are most of the time protected with passwords. Connecting into open WiFi is not even a task, but what if they are secured connection? You need to break into, or in other words, HACK the WiFi to have your internet needs. And sometimes, breaking into a neighbor’s WiFi is like a forbidden fruit you want to have at any cost. Hacking a WiFi is always more out of fun and less out of the need to save your data cost. Many hackers enjoy surfing the Internet by hacking WiFi.

Hacking a wireless network essentially means defeating the security of the network in some way or the other. But sometimes, using unknown WiFi can have the risk of malware. So, one must take care while using a random WiFi network through hacking and Also you can see here How To Limit Internet Bandwidth Of WiFi Users.

WiFi hacking app for iPhone

Nowadays, there are many applications that leave hacking WiFi networks nothing more than a piece of cake. It has become simple and easy to the extent that you don’t have to be a technical or programming expert to break into WiFi by overcoming its security. However, most of the applications known for WiFi hacking app like Kali Linux Nethunter, WiFi WPS WPA tester, dSploit, Nmap, ArpSpoof, etc. meant for Android devices. Very few WiFi hacking apps for iPhone are present. Below here, you will find a list of the WiFi hacking app for iPhone that are quite worked either with androids or with iPhones or both.

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Best WiFi hacking app for iPhone

Best known WiFi hacking app for iPhone

WiFi Master Key – WiFi hacking app for iPhone

WiFi Master key is a WiFi hacker app which can be used in android as well as iPhones in 2020. It allows finding and sharing WiFi networks across the world. Downloaded by millions and rated one of the best, this app gives you a one-click connection to any WiFi network, anytime, anywhere. This app is a simple and safe way of cutting down your data costs. Available in 19 different languages, the WiFi Master Key is used by people in over 200 countries.


Instabridge is also one of the best WiFi hacking app for iPhone that work with iPhones and Android devices in 2020. This app can get you access to any free WiFi without you having to give the password every time. Wherever you may be, with this app, you can search, find, and connect to any WiFi network around you.

WiFi pass universal

WiFi Pass Universal is a free and useful tool universally used for the conversion of 6 digit passphrases into 64 digit keys so that a WiFi can be made use of. The brute force generated attacks against the WPS and PINs and got you to recover the WPA/ WPA2 passphrases. This is how its WiFi hacking system works, and you can use it to break the WiFi anytime, anywhere.


Aircrack-ng, which is one of the best hacking tools for personal computers, is also available on iPhones in 2020. With this application’s help, iPhone users can crack the nearby WiFi and break the network securities. With Aircrack, it is easy to hack a WiFi and start using its data for internet needs. Here, you need to note that the iPhone needs a jailbreak before it can use Aircrack-ng to access the Internet.

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WLANAudit is another cool WiFi hacking app for iPhone users. It allows the users to crack into the WPA and WPA2 passwords of the routers. With this app’s use, jailbreaking is simple, and it can be applied for a break of routers. However, in cases where the WiFi password has not been changed from the first time, the connections that are secured with WPA and WPA2 protection can only be cracked.

iWEP Pro

iWEP Pro is a very simple and easy to use WiFi hacker app for iPhone users. With the simple and easy to perform UI of the iWEP Pro, no expert technical or programming skills are required to crack WiFi passwords and break into using free Internet. With the iWEP Pro hacking application, WiFi networks protected with WEP security features can also be easily cracked. But, like aircraft, iWEP Pro also needs you to jailbreak your iPhone before you can start using this WiFi hacker app.

FAQ about WiFi hacking app for iPhone

Is WiFi hacking legal?

Though hacking into a private network is considered an offense, no particular law declares it a crime, but there are places where mere access to the network without consent could be punishable.

Can hacking apps give you network access anywhere?

If there is a WiFi network in your device’s useful range, these apps can help you break through it and use the Internet from this network for your needs. If no such network is present, the Internet cannot be accessed.

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