5 easy tips to rephrase a sentence without plagiarism

Paraphrasing means to write someone’s work to make it unique. This process has become a part of every writer’s life because of excessive raw data availability.

You can’t write 100% unique content about any topic because of extensive readable data. The danger of plagiarism detection will always be there while you are writing.

So, paraphrasing or rewriting is a particular way in which you can minimize this threat. No doubt, it is impossible for a person to find exact matches of his work from the internet.

But a tool can do this quickly with effective results. If you have found plagiarism in your work, don’t worry as it is not a surprising thing.

Tips to rephrase content to avoid plagiarism

You can paraphrase a content manually or with a specific tool. Yes, you can use a free online paraphrasing tool to rewrite the plagiarized sentence.

The working of such tools is pretty simple and fast as compared to manual rephrasing.

You only have to paste the copied sentences and the tool will rewrite them without harming their meanings.

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Some people choose the manual way because they found their skills efficient enough for the task. You can easily find plagiarism through check-plagiarism.com.

Many of those writers have reported that they have found plagiarism even after rephrasing. To resolve this problem, we are here with 5 easy steps to rephrase a sentence to avoid plagiarism.

Read Properly

First of all, you should read the content thoroughly without being in hurry. It is because you can understand the actual meaning of the content.

We recommend you to read the content at least 2-3 times. Once you have got the actual point of the writer, you will be able to preserve the meanings of the writings.

Also, it will enable you to think about the topic in depth. While you were reading it, keep writing all the important points separately.

Try to write in your own words

Once you have read the content properly, try to write in your words. In this process, you can utilize those key points that you have written in the above section.

You should make a layout of the content first before starting the process. Make a layout that will cover every aspect of the original work.

You should focus on this step because it will lead you to the next steps. If you have made mistakes in this section, you will never be able to complete the next step.

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Find Synonyms and replace them

After writing the entire content or duplicate sentences only, you should check for plagiarism using a tool. If it is still showing duplication, you should look for synonyms and replace them.

Some writers use MS Word synonyms finder to deal with this task. Never use that function because it may harm the meanings of the actual content.

You should pick every word and search for its synonyms from any well-known dictionary available on the internet. It will not only help you in solving this problem but also enhance your vocabulary skills.

Compare both content versions

Once you have made all the changes and sure that your content is unique. You should keep both the original and paraphrased content side by side.

It will help you in analyzing whether the meanings of both the content are the same or not. Here you should also do some editing if you found some problems in the concept.

Give citation where necessary

Some terminologies and facts can’t rewrite because of their importance. If you try to replace them with other words, the actual meanings will be affected badly.

Also, you may find plagiarism while checking with a tool. To avoid such conditions, you should give citations to every source.

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Always, give credit to the source without considering the authority to avoid plagiarism and gain the interest of the audience.

Final Note

The process to paraphrase is not complicated while you are working with a tool. It will do everything without any interference from your side.

You only have to paste the content that you want to make unique. If you are trying to paraphrase the content manually, keep the above tips in your mind.

With these tips, you will be able to get unique content with 100% authenticity.


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