How to Use OGWhatsApp?


OGWhatsApp is an unofficial and modded version of the original WhatsApp developed by third-party developers. OGWhatsApp was designed for WhatsApp users to provide them with more amazing and unique features to give flexibility to the users.

This fantastic mod of WhatsApp makes you the boss. According to, OGWhatsApp gives you the power to customize your WhatsApp the way you like. It gives you everything from themes to fantastic security and privacy options that the original WhatsApp does not allow.

The main features of OGWhatsApp are the themes you can apply and the options for hiding and seeing messages, profile pictures, and statuses.

How to use OG WhatsApp?

Today, I will tell you all you need to know about OG WhatsApp, its features, and how to use OGWhatsApp. Before starting, if you haven’t downloaded OGWhatsApp on your phone, you can click here to download it. You can also visit our site for more unique and helpful stuff. OGWhatsApp contains many fantastic features. Let’s have a look at them and see how you can use them.

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Color Phone

This feature contains a theme for your calls. By selecting it, you can change the theme of an incoming call. All you need to do is. Go to settings> og setting> color phone and select the theme you like.

Schedule Message

As by the name, this theme allows you to set a schedule message for a specific person. This can be helpful if you want to wish someone a birthday or any special event in case if you might forget it. Go to three dots, open the message scheduler and set the message there.

Self-destructive message

The self-destructive message is a fantastic feature of OGWhatsApp. By enabling this feature, the message that you send to some will automatically disappear or destroy for both of you once the receiver reads the message.

To enable it, you need to click the three dots button> OG setting> universal setting> enable self-destructive message. After this, whenever you will write any message, an eye icon will appear to click on it.

Theme Store

Theme store is the main and fantastic feature of OGWhatsApp. Theme store contains loads of themes for you to use for your OGWhatsApp.

To apply themes, you need to click on three dots> OG setting> theme store> local. Here you will find themes and choose the theme of your choice and enjoy.

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Diy Theme

This is a fantastic feature that OGWhatsApp comes with. If you want to create a theme of your choice, you can do that. Be an artist and create a theme that you always dreamed of.

For theme, go to three dots> OG setting> DIY theme and create the theme.

Emoji Variant

OGWhatsApp allows you to have emoji variants with different appearances.

Three dots> OG setting> universal setting> emoji variant> choose any of the variants and enjoy them during your chats.

High-Quality Media

In original WhatsApp, the quality of pictures that you send decreases. OGWhatsApp comes with a feature by which you can send photos or media in high quality.

Follow the following steps to avail this amazing feature. Click on three dots>OG setting> universal setting> enable send photos in best quality.

Message any number:

WhatsApp only allows you to text people who are in your contacts. It does not allow to send message to people who are not in your contact. OGWhatsApp allows you to even send messages to any number. Just click on three dots and select message a number. In the box give information and send a message. Isn’t this amazing?

Forward Message Limit

The original version of WhatsApp allows you to forward a message to only a few people. This can sometimes get hectic and disturbing as it can cause problems and confusion for whom to send and already had forwarded message. OGWhatsApp comes with a feature that allows you to forward a message to up to 300 people that is very helpful and time-saving.

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Click on three dots> OG settings> universal setting> enable increase forward limit.

Download Status

This is also the main and life-saving feature of OGWhatsApp that is very useful and time-saving. There is an icon to download the status under every status. Just click on it.

Status Limit

OGWhatsApp allows you to put a long status on your WhatsApp. You can do this by clicking on three dots> OG setting> universal setting> enable increase status MB limit.


OGWhatsApp is just like the original WhatsApp. The only difference is that OGWhatsApp gives you more features, and with more features, you get power. With that power, you can change the settings of your OGWhatsApp and enjoy using it. The purpose of chatting and talking remains the same.

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