Unlimited Reseller hosting with Free WHMCS

Have you ever created a website? Have you ever wondered how a website is created or if you used WordPress, how WordPress was available to you and how you could create a website through it? Well, this function on the World Wide Web is called web hosting. Website hosting is an internet service that allows most companies or individuals to access their websites on the internet by others. These hosts use a variety of hosting servers such as CPanel Hosting, Linux Hosting, or WordPress Hosting. Most of these hosts are provided through reseller hosting means.

Now, Reseller Hosting is a fairly new concept but has been accepted into the internet society graciously. This form of web hosting has created job opportunities for many and a lot of businesses now have a website available to the world. Initially, web hosting had 2 types of selling, shared and dedicated. The shared web hosting consists of many websites on one server only and dedicated web hosting includes an individual owning an entire web server. Either of these means isn’t as popular or easy to use as the reseller hosting method.

Reseller Hosting is a hosting service run by a company that allows buyers to buy a hosting server. Now, this server can be used by the clients to either provide further hosting services to customers or use it for their brand or company. Reselling hosts usually buy a hosting server from a company and resell it using their terms and at a profitable price. Although this may sound like reseller hosting is expensive, it is quite cheap as compared to shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. This is because the user will only have to pay for a certain part of the resources he is receiving.

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Reseller Hosting is quite useful for designers and entrepreneurs as they can add extra services to brands or for small businesses who want to operate under their brand names, which will be great for their companies. You also have no maintenance cost with this hosting service and you get to make and run the changes on your website, the way you want. The host will have minimal control over your website and you can enjoy these services at the lowest costs.

Along with Reseller hosting, there is another server management tool known as WHM. WHM or Web Hosting Manager is a server tool that offers access to CPanel, a hosting server, and backend. Owners of these WHMs can customize the hosting website in such a way as to market their brand and also handle certain management tasks. The WHMCS providers can also resell the CPanel hosting services and at the same time have large access over the websites they provide. And after learning all of this you must be wondering where you could buy cheap reseller hosting with WHMCS? Well, we have a trustworthy and notable website that provides the best unlimited hosting servers.

Elite Server Management is a web hosting site that allows users to purchase different server hosting with free WHM. This website offers Linux reseller hosting, WordPress reseller hosting, but is known widely for its Cpanel reseller hosting service. The Cpanel reseller hosting is offered via various package options such as Bronze, silver, gold, etc. Each of these packages is divided based on features and Cpanel accounts that can be opened. They are quite similar but some features like the unlimited SSD disk space is not available in the Bronze package and the dedicated IP is also available only in the platinum package. All of these packages are available at the lowest prices possible with the best features.

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This website is known for its unlimited Cpanel reseller hostings and the amazing services they provide. Their years’ long service providers can track and resolve problems before time and are available for their clients 24/7. They have also made reseller hosting quite easy for clients to use, so that they have full access to their site or if they are beginners, then the hosts can also control the site for them. One of their best features is the free WHMCS. They are also authorized by Cpanel and offer a 30day money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

We hope you have understood the nitty-gritty of web hosting and reseller hosting services. You can now have access to your reseller hosting or can access Cpanel websites under the Elite Server Management website and also be able to resell the services with the number of accounts you own. Elite Servers are a great website that is always there to help, so we hope you find the perfect server hosting option for you!

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