Best plugins for authors

Depending on the theme you select, the information about the author of an article is presented in a variety of ways in WordPress. The most common example of themes displaying the author’s information is in a box beneath the article. If you wish to display the author information beneath the article, but your theme does not allow it, you may install an author box plugin. You may show information about the writers on your site by using an author box plugin. Name, biography, social media accounts, profile picture, some details, and so on are just some of the things that can be displayed.

An author box is a crucial component of a blog post written by a single author, and it becomes much more significant when the post was written by several authors.

The author box provides information about the author and allows readers to connect with them. It also gives the blog a more personal touch. The reader might also follow these authors and attempt to learn from them. This aids in the development of “Author Authority”.

So, let’s check out some plugins perfect for authors!

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a highly configurable and responsive WordPress plugin with over 10,000 active installations. With it, you may include an author box at the end of your posts to display the author’s name, gravatar, and bio. It is mostly necessary if your website accepts guest articles. You may quickly create an author box for your guest authors and make them feel welcome while writing for your site. It will automatically show the author’s bio box beneath the article once installed and enabled.

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The plugin allows you to give credit to many writers and editors in a single article, as well as assign guest authors to posts.

The plugin has its own Gutenberg block.

You may also choose where you want to display an author box and where you don’t. All of these features are included in the free version. The PRO version includes extra features which are much more advanced.


UnderConstructionPage is a WordPress plugin for creating coming soon, landing, and under construction pages, as the name implies. Its simple UI allows you to easily launch your pages. It has over 150 page templates.

You may customize the main content area with the WordPress visual editor, and you can also add a login button, social media icons, and a custom footer.

The settings section has a plethora of helpful functions. You may set an automated end time for your maintenance message and whitelist particular WordPress user roles, so they always view your entire website.

The free version comes with plenty of themes. However, the majority of the attractive themes are only accessible in the pro version, which starts at $8.99.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

A fantastic WordPress maintenance mode and coming soon page plugin. It includes lovely themes for coming soon pages that will save you time when it comes to the overall design. You may tweak these themes to match your company’s identity so that visitors aren’t perplexed once your website is up.

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Here is a list of free and premium features that you get by installing this plugin on your website:

Free features include:

– Under maintenance/coming soon pages that can be customized

– All WordPress versions are supported.

– Personalization of branding.

– You may link your social media profiles.

Premium features include:

– To the backdrop, you may add movies or animation effects.

– Send emails to your mailing list subscribers.

– A subscription form used to gather leads.


In this article, we have discussed what we think is the best author box plugin as well as coming soon and under construction plugins. All are great tools that will help your website, so be sure to try them!

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